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Looking to get on the fast track to better health, a toner body and more energy?


Want answers to questions on what’s quick to eat that won’t drag you down?


How about simple ways to live and work that keep you healthy for the long haul?


My Three Month Health & Empowerment Coaching Program is Your Answer!

This is where you get all of me one on one! We work intimately to get you those breakthroughs you want around obsessive diet, uncontrollable cravings, 
stubborn weight, feeling like you keep letting yourself down, time management, low inconsistent energy, anxiousness and for sure those feelings 
that there is more you want from life then rush rush rush but you’re not sure how or what to change first. And if that wasn’t enough you get care 
packages hand selected by me to make what I teach stick!

 – 4 approx 30 minute calls each month

– full set of notes and handouts after each call to keep you moving forward

– weekly check-in emails throughout program prompted by Jenn

– email support between calls

 -Jenn’s private cell!

– Care packages to assist in reaching your goal including books, food samples, and other tools to assist you on your journey

Wanted to share my progress with you. Everything is going absolutely amazing. My anxiety and depression has completely turned around for the better and I’ve noticed that I handle stressful situations much better. I’m starting to realize how much everything is connected to the things I put in my body. Since starting with you I have not only shed pounds (10 so far), but also inches, stress, my horrible binge eating habit, anxiety, and depression. I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I haven’t been able to say that in a very long time. I look better now than I did a few years ago at a lower weight. The strides that I have taken in just 2 short months are incredible and I can’t wait to see whats up next for me on this journey. You taught me how to make health and my own well being a life style and for that I am eternally grateful.

 Hope this lets somebody else get the help they need and deserve. With Love, Emily.

I thought I ate healthy foods before I joined Jenn’s programs. And when I tried to lose weight in the past, I felt it was only possible by counting calories and using the elliptical to burn off excess calories I ate each day.

But I learned that eating is more than just taking in food, and that the quality of foods I eat has an affect on my body. Jenn provides a lot of detailed information about food choices and catered to my personal preferences during the program. She provided personal support via weekly calls and sometimes multiple daily texts. She made it easy to rethink some of my choices, and select better quality foods that are more nutritious. I learned that I didn’t need to eat to satisfy others, and that their feelings wouldn’t be hurt if I abstained from eating something they made.  I didn’t need to count calories, or do cardio. I ate whole foods, and unprocessed foods, organic foods, and better quality meats. I ate until I was satiated. I allowed myself foods that were not part of the plan on days off. 

During the program I lost six pounds in 21 days! I feel great, look leaner, and am confident that what I’ve learned will not be forgotten. This was not a diet! It was a challenge to take a good look and get to know how my body processes certain foods. It was a lifestyle change, and I am totally appreciative that Jenn helped guide these changes. This is a beginning to a whole new life! Terri W.

Jenn Edden, CHHC

Sugar Addiction Expert, Author & Empowerment Coach

P.S. Got questions? I get it. Email me at info@jecoaching.com and I’ll get back to you
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