​Discover How to Increase Your Energy, End Cravings, and NEVER Have to Diet Again…

5 ​Phases of Sugar Addiction

​The Secrets to Improve Your Energy, Control Cravings, & Take Back Your Life

  • check​You’ll learn how to create a more balanced approach to eating to end those vicious cravings for good
  • check​You’ll discover how to increase your energy and have it last all through the day without anymore crashes
  • check​You’ll become empowered to take control of your decisions ​and not have to feel deprived or restricted ever again

What others are saying about Jenn:

​I have the body and health I always wanted for myself…

​With Jenn’s guidance and support, I created a new understanding of and relationship with my body. I have the knowledge and experience of what truly nourishes me. I can now make stress-free choices for what to cook and when eating out, because I know what will give me real energy. I no longer turn to food for fulfillment and learned to invest in experiences to cut cravings.

​Clare  //  ​Washington, D.C.

​I feel much more in harmony with my needs, decisions and my goals…

​I feel much more in harmony with my needs, decisions and my goals, and how my emotions and personal growth are interwoven with food choices! Once in this place, it becomes natural to make better food choices — in terms of quality and quantity. Thank you, Jenn!!

​Kat H.  //  ​Competitive Athlete & Mom

​I have to say I love being binge free…

​I hired Jenn as a health coach as I had issues with yo-yo dieting and never getting any permanent results. I could see it was an unhealthy lifestyle to have my weight go up and down like it was.  We came up with a plan…And I have to say I love being binge free, it always felt like it held me captive in moving forward in my life and now it feels like I’ve been set free from just a bad habit.

​Dawn  //  ​​Former Yo-Yo Dieter

Getting to Know ​Me…

Welcome. I am so grateful you’re here.As a recovering sugar a-holic for over 2 decades and having grown up with depression and anxiety; I’ve seen just about everything.  Not to mention my own brief battle with anorexia, bulimia, and a full blown sugar addiction through my college years.After 14+ years of coaching women and seeing a pattern of yo-yo dieting and going back and forth with weight gain/weight loss and all the emotions that go along with that battle, I decided to write this report to help women understand exactly what’s going on and what they can do to help themselves get back to feeling and looking their best selves.

​If you’re tired of repeating the endless cycle of cravings, energy ​crashes, brain fog, and not feeling like the person you know you were meant to be – I invite you to join me for this transformative journey.

​- Jenn Edden, Sugar Addiction Specialist

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