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Thank you for taking the time to read this free report on Foods that Focus You.

Is this YOU?

You look and feel good most of the time. And most of the time you know what you should be eating but you crave sweets or you crave salty foods… uncontrollably. You promise you’ll stay away from them and that works…but not for long.

You have your mind set on a goal to not over do it today but it never seems to work according to plan.

You then think you’re unfocused and undisciplined and you’re back to square one.

Let me begin by saying “It’s OK. You’re OK”. It’s not you. It’s the food you’re eating (and maybe your lifestyle too, but let’s leave that for another day and another report).

I challenge you to eat as many of my focused foods as you can in the next two weeks taking careful note of how you feel…specifically at 3pm when most people I know start to crash and feel unfocused.

Imagine, you with more focus and less cravings…seriously.

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(Seriously, and without all the hype)

Apples are what I call balancing foods. They grow in trees, take in lots of sunlight which gives them lots of energy. Energy that when you eat them you will feel energized yourself.

And you’ve heard, “an apple a day will keep the doctor away.” While it will certainly take more than a daily apple to keep you healthy it’s a step in the right direction.

Apples are the perfect, portable snack: great tasting, energy-boosting, and free of fat. Just one apple provides as much dietary fiber as a serving of bran cereal. (That’s about one-fifth of the recommended daily intake of fiber.)

Just please make them organic. Apples are one of the foods with the highest levels of pesticides. Seriously.

If you want a yummy treat, simply peel, sprinkle with some cinnamon and bake for 10 minutes.



Carbs get a back rap in this country.

Brown rice is a slowly absorbed carbohydrate that can help trigger the release of the body’s feel good chemicals, serotonin and norepinephrine. It can actually help you deal better with stress by helping lift your mood and give you a sustained burst of energy.

There is nothing that will rob your focus and cause you to crave sweets more than low blood sugar!

Brown rice (coupled with a smart protein) is a filling meal and will give you sustained energy and focus throughout your day.

Short on time? Buy a rice cooker. At night while watching TV, just add 2 cups of water for every cup of rice, add sea salt, turn on cooker and relax-timer keeps track of cooking and automatically stops cooking once rice is done. Rice comes out perfect every time and makes enough for several meals. Add cinnamon, tbl. honey and milk and warm on the stove for an enjoyable and nutritious breakfast.

Source: You are What You Eat by Dr. Gillian McKeith

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Grab a handful of unsalted almonds as a snack and enjoy.

Almonds are rich in magnesium which is especially important for supporting adrenal function as well as the metabolism of fatty acids.

Low levels of magnesium are associated with nervous tension, anxiety, irritability and insomnia.

Worried that almonds have too many calories and you’ll gain weight? Worry no more.

Almonds will satisfy you when eaten in moderation and you’ll actually snack less which means less overall calories at the end of the day. I recommend to my clients to buy the mini Ziploc storage bags and portion out the almonds ahead of time for a quick grab and go snack.


Did you know that avocados contain 14 minerals, all of which regulate body functions?

Especially noteworthy is their iron and copper content which aids in red blood regeneration and the prevention of nutritional anemia- one very common cause of fatigue and inability to cope well with stress.

Avocados contain potassium which helps increase clear thinking by helping send oxygen to the brain. And they are high in “good fat” which help fire up your metabolism.

Avocados are a quick and easy food to add to your diet. Cut one in half, scoop out the middle, add to your favorite salad for a satisfying meal, enjoy in grain toast with olive oil and slice tomatoes or throw in a smoothie for added thickness.

Source: Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

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Ok, so water isn’t exactly a food but did you know…

Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body. Your muscles that move your body are 75% water; your blood that transport nutrients is 82% water; your lungs that provide your oxygen are 90% water; your brain that is the control center of your body is 76% water; even your bones are 25% water.

Our health is truly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water we drink.

Drink water throughout the day- for starters, drink a glass when you rise, one in the afternoon and again before bed. If you can work your way up to 1-2 liters/day (depending on your weight) of clean filtered water you’re doing great!

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