The Birthday Party Project

I’ve chosen to give a percentage of my annual sales to this awesome organization. I’ve always been a huge advocate for empowering the next generation. After all they are our future. When I came across The Birthday Party Project, I couldn’t help but get involved. It just felt right. I know you know that feeling. And what better way to give back then with a birthday party. Seriously. Who doesn’t love a party? And for sure disadvantaged children deserve what every kid deserves – a party to celebrate their glorious day of birth.

If that wasn’t enough, Jenn Edden Coaching’s philosophy aligns perfectly with the Birthday Party Project’s Core Values:

  • Be BOLD!
  • Be transparent and honest
  • Be professional
  • Be great stewards
  • Inspire good works
  • Have FUN
  • Love each other, build each other up!

And I want to leave you with one other bit of inspiration the Birthday Party Project believes wholeheartedly in and so do I…. “When you give, you’re giving more than a birthday party – you’re giving hope and encouragement to the children who need it most.” You got that right. I hope you’ll join me in giving kids the opportunity to celebrate themselves.

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