It’s true. I don’t believe in guilt even as a woman raised as a Roman Catholic for over 40 years.

(Side Note: I consider myself Catholic with an asterisk. If there are things that simply don’t resonate with me then, well, I don’t believe them anymore.)

But I digress…

Honoring oneself is a HUGE part of learning how to kick cravings and keep them at bay long term.

It’s a little known truth that must be talked about and who better to do it than me! When other moms and biz owners hear me talk about what I do for myself a lot of times they just go silent. I can feel them thinking:

“How do you do that?”

“Oh, I’d feel guilty if I did that.”

“Is that really possible?”

“I couldn’t find the time or money for that!”

I get these responses a lot and you know what, how you spend your time and money is just a raw assessment of what you value. For me I value myself, my kids education, eating good clean organic food every day, anything that expands the mind, doing things that bring my family closer together (immediate and extended), and who can forget anything that is F-U-N and JOY FILLED!

With that said it takes a shift of beliefs you most likely inherited as a kid without even knowing it. It’s your job to assess where you are, where you spend your time and money and how that reflects correctly or incorrectly where you’d like to be headed.

So if you haven’t already paused and done so I invite you to take a moment and think of things that you could do to honor yourself …..guiltlessly. After all, what is guilt? Nothing more than some pre programmed beliefs that are robbing your joy and ripping you out of the present moment :).


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In case you need a few ideas to get you started I’m more than happy to share how I honor myself guiltlessly…

  • I made an arrangement with my husband that I workout in the wee early hours and then we swap and he heads off to the office and I take over with the kids. Mama first. Family always.
  • On weekends I always do something for ME on a Saturday or Sunday. Always. Work out, meet a friend for tea, head out and do a quick shop, anything that resets me and gives me a little alone time. I need it.
  • I never question how much something costs when it comes to keeping me healthy and vibrant. I pay big bucks to find a gym that I love, hire a trainer, try out a new type of therapy, chiropractor, acupuncturist, homeopathic stuff…..
  • I hired a gal to fold my laundry, drive my kid to school, vacuum, clean the kitchen 3x/week. Could I do this myself on top of everything else I do? Sure. Could I save that hundreds of dollars for my kids college each month? Sure. But you know what, I’m worth it and money for everything else always comes when mama is in balance.
  • I check in daily to see how I’m doing and if on that day I need some down time i find a way to get it. I hire a sitter to help with kids in the evening, order out food, etc.
  • Hubby and I make time for a date night once/month or more if we need it. We hire a sitter since family isn’t available to help out and we consider that time and money the best EVER spent.

REPEAT after me:

I am the hub of the family (if you’ve got one), my biz (if you’ve got one) and my life. When I am in balance, everything is in balance.


With love and gratitude. XOXO

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