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Sugar Addiction Expert. Author. Empowerment Coach.
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Jenn Edden’s Speaking & Workshop Topics Include:


5 Keys to Eating for Energy at Work


Workplace Productivity Hacks to Get More Done


7 Steps to Kick Cravings & Overcome Sugar Addiction


Courageous Living & How to Take the First Step


No More Timeouts… Understand Children by Tuning In

Jenn Edden is a highly sensitive, dynamic and resilient woman. At 22 years old she healed herself of gastritis. In 2003, just four months after being married, she survived a near-death gas explosion.

Jenn’s zone of genius is teaching others how to live a healthy life free of addiction. For the past 15 years, Jenn has taught the same exact techniques she used to heal herself of sugar addiction and to break free from anxiety and self-imposed limitations picked up in childhood.

Jenn works in private practice 1 -1, in group settings and she absolutely loves presenting at local schools, colleges and with the Girl Scouts!

Jenn authored a book: Woman Unleashed ~ The highly sensitive woman’s guide to radiant energy, unstoppable confidence + 21 day plan to kick sugar’s hold on you.

She is also a regular contributing health expert on Channel 12 Long Island.

Jenn, her husband, Joe, 3 kids, and 2 cats plan to live in an RV next June and tour the country while Jenn teaches at schools, settling down  only when they find their next place to call home.

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Jenn’s Clients Have Spoken…

“Jenn Edden is a fearless, captivating and direct woman. And this is also the kind of speaker she is. Jenn has spoken at the New York Speaker Salon, that I curate, two seasons in a row and is someone I will always put on my stages. She lights up the topic and ignites her audiences with her passion and expertise.”

Tricia Brouk

Award-Winning Director, Curator of The Speaker Salon, TEDx Producer and Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare

“Our troop invited Jenn to speak to our girls about healthy eating and making good choices. She was excellent! She engaged them with hands-on demonstrations which showed them visually how much sugar a bottle of soda contains. They were amazed – as were the leaders! It really hit home to the girls. Jenn was able to break it down to their level so that they could understand just what they are actually eating. She covered a range of topics and the troop definitely has a better outlook on nutrition now that Jenn has set them on the right path.”

Girl Scout Troop 922

“Jenn came to our Montessori School to teach the children all about how to be healthy and have more energy. She did a wonderful job engaging the kids of all ages ranging from Kindergarten through 6th grade. We were very pleased with how well received she was by all the children including the teachers. We welcome her back year after year to help the children navigate healthy eating in a practical and simple way.”

Sheldon Thompson

Director, Love of Learning Montessori

“Jenn’s enthusiastic and down to earth approach made learning and understanding the impact that certain
types of foods can have on the body – Fun! Her presentation to a group of 50 medical office managers and the staff was very well received.  Jenn was able to engage everyone in discussion and have a couple of great laughs too! Jenn is extremely knowledgeable and we look forward to her next presentation.”

Julie Ham

Administrator, Samaritan Physicians

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