Spring! It’s almost here and for all my east coast friends I’m sure you’ve been feeling the effects of all the weather changes this past month. For sure in my kids’ school they’ve been experiencing the effects. I think Luke told me about 1/2 of his class was absent 2 weeks ago…everyone had caught one bug or another…

It’s almost as if their bodies thought it was time to spring clean by ridding itself of toxins thinking warmer weather was here ONLY to be surprised with 20 degree chills that sent those toxins right back in wreaking all sorts of havoc on themselves and putting their immune systems in overdrive!

At least that was my take on it :).

With all that said I am so grateful I got to share my expertise on Spring Cleaning and Detoxing with my local Channel 12 news station. Here’s me, Mary, the host for News 12 Long Island, and Dara Troshane my amazing courageous client, sharing a spring morning detox shake (recipe below).

I wanted to take the time to share with you something that I was reminded of after hearing Dara’s mini interview with Mary.

She said that in the 8 week’s we’ve been working together one of her biggest discoveries is that it’s not what you do ONCE or TWICE A YEAR that matters most, it’s the little things you do EVERY day.

Dvora has lost over 20lbs of inflammation, no longer has swollen feet, has no cravings for soda anymore and she has consistent energy all day long – no more 3pm crashes!

Here we are with Mary from News 12 Long Island.


Most people miss this IMPORTANT POINT about spring cleansing and frankly living a more healthy, physically tone, energized life. They think a cleanse will “set them straight” or “clean out the chemicals” they’ve been eating and everything will be alright. This is all true but what you do every day matters more.

I know we all have busy lives so I’ll be real brief in the recap of what I shared (12 news interview going out in my email newsletter after it airs!). Not part of my email list? Join now:

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Whole Body


Breakfast Matters

Big time. Start the day with a glass of warm and squeezed lemon and start the detox process right away!. Not the mention your body has been fasting ALL night long so it’s imperative to be thoughtful with what you first put in your body. You wouldn’t turn your car on and step on the gas full throttle expecting the car to just go! You start slow and then crank it to 60 :).


Clutter in your space absolutely causes brain fog + adds to low energy. Chapter 4 of my book, Woman Unleashed talks all about this and gives you specific recommendations. Click on over here to get yourself a copy. Think better thoughts, simplify, get support, exercise.


Clean filtered water is a natural detoxer. Drink more every day. I can’t stress the importance of moving away from bottled water especially Poland Spring Water which is loaded with chemicals, and drinking more clean water. NOT to mention drinking more water in general. From personal experience I find that 7/10 women drink a glass or 2 maximum each day. They are so dehydrated no wonder their energy is all over the place.

Less Dairy

Less dairy in your life is a game changer. Dairy is inflammatory to the body and for sure causes histamine levels to increase …that’s the hormone produced as part of your immune system to create Inflammation in the form of mucus  to protect itself from harm…hence a lot of people take antihistamines to counter the effects!! If you reduce/eliminate dairy you will find that antihistamines are not needed. (note: raw dairy has been shown to not have the same detrimental effects on the body).

Physical Movement

Physical movement involving sweating is the body’s best friend! Exercise serves so many positive function in the body but for the purposes of today’s topic of Spring Cleaning it’s primary function is to get toxins from chemicals in the air, food and water circulating out of your cells and into your bloodstream where your skin, lungs, kidney, colon  and liver can handle them.

Skin through sweating, lungs through deep breathing, kidney’s through urination from all that water you’re drinking, colon through the natural contraction of intestinal muscles thru increased breathing and heart rate + liver through improved blood flow allowing the liver to send filtered blood back to your blood system easily! Who would have thought exercise did ALL that!

If you’d like my support this Spring I am offering my signature 45 minute Unleash Yourself Sessions to check each other out and see if I can help. Click on over to schedule some time with me… 30 mins: https://calendly.com/jennedden/unleashyourselfsession

And without further ado…here’s my Spring detox shake as seen on News 12 Long Island


8-10 oz of filtered water**
1 cup of organic frozen berries (not liquid cup rather dry measuring cup)
1/4 frozen banana (optional but makes the shake so yummy)
1 small handful of organic power greens or baby greens of your choice (I buy triple washed so I don’t have to do any extra work washing!)
1 TBL chia seeds
2-3 ice cubes and blend**

** You can play around with the amount of water and ice you use and that will change the consistency of your shake to your liking. I like it thicker so if I use all frozen fruit including a piece of frozen banana then I only need a little ice to make it thick to the point where I need a spoon. Let me also note that this will NOT taste like your average shakes that contain nut butters and protein powders that are jam packed with flavors, some not natural, that you might be used to. This is a refreshing morning shake meant to start your day. 2 hours from your first sip you will be hungry so go ahead and have a healthy snack or some eggs.


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