Woman Unleashed 8-Week Program
The Highly Sensitive Woman’s Guide to Radiant Energy & Unstoppable Confidence
(Including a 21 Day Plan To Kick Sugar’s Hold On You!)

Woman Unleashed VIP is an 8-week self-paced online course based on the best selling book Woman Unleashed where highly sensitive women learn how to have radiant energy, unstoppable confidence and a plan to kick sugar's hold on them!

This online course is for the highly sensitive woman who wants to:
  • Delve deeper into the book Woman Unleashed to integrate what you've learned
  • ​Start making real change through simple and clear weekly action steps
  • ​Clarity to manage your time + stop putting yourself last
  • Learn to banish guilt
  • ​Understand why your energy gets drained and what to do about it
  • ​Learn how to start to kick sugar cravings and have full control when they return
  • ​Gain confidence to go after that life you secretly crave and know you deserve

Tell me... does this sounds familiar?

You know you have a sugar problem but nothing you’ve tried has worked and you’re done with dieting or giving away money to another program that promises but doesn’t deliver.

You know that sugar has taken over your life and is affecting your confidence and is the reason your weight won’t shift no matter how much you workout and you want to do something about it now…you’ve hit DONE.

Your energy is gone and your life is suffering big time because but you don’t have the energy, time (or patience) to figure it out on your own! 

*(Important note: this course is a quick study guide and does not take a lot of time to learn the strategies I teach. That’s done on purpose because I know you’re busy and time is of the essence!)

If you can relate and are wondering how I got in your head you’re going to want to keep reading…I’m just warming up :-D

The Woman Unleashed VIP 8-Week Program is for you if...

You enjoyed reading my book, Woman Unleashed, and you wished that you could have delved
deeper with more insight from me. 

Knowing there is a self paced companion course to go along with the book is right up your alley!
You haven’t read Woman Unleashed yet but know you’d be motivated to follow through If you had a guide on your side walking you through each chapter of the book with a small action to take that is manageable with your busy life (yes, a pdf version of the book is included with the course)
You like to do things at your own pace without having to be available at specific times of the day because that’s when the teacher is “teaching”
You’re into quick lessons and instruction versus long drawn out lectures… “Just give it to me quick, Jenn, so I can go on with my day learning what I need to know”
You’d love for someone to walk you through the steps it takes to manage those cravings including quick, easy recipes + food shopping list (no this isn’t another diet but it is an education on why those cravings never seem to go away!)
You’re sick and tired of taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back when it comes to learning how to manage your sugar addiction and love low cost, low commitment options you can dive right into!
You’ve read a lot of my stuff and love my simple, straightforward way of teaching and presenting new ideas (insert fast talking New Yorker with tons of hand gestures thanks to my Italian heritage).

Here's Exactly What You Get

Immediate Access to Self-Paced Course

It’s designed to be 8 weeks with 1 action step each week but you can go as fast or slow as you’d like. 

Each video lesson is a quick teaching (4-12 minutes).

At the end of each lesson you are given a simple yet practical action step to take that week so as you learn the info, it integrates by you taking action.

Week 1: Do Things Differently

Week 1 is based on chapter 1 and chapter 3 of my book Woman Unleashed and we talk about how highly sensitive women need to do things differently if they’re ever going to take control of their bad sugar habits. 

I also walk you through the 21 Day Reclaim Your Mojo Challenge which includes meal ideas, recipes, a full shopping list and specific ideas for you to start implementing to IMMEDIATELY gain more control over sugar, while reducing inflammation. It takes what I teach you and makes it more digestible and understandable so you can take action right away!

Week 2: Kicking Cravings

Week 2 we deep dive into kicking cravings with SPECIFIC ways to handle them when they come up. You will see results if you follow my recommendations in this lesson. I also give you new tools to handle those “drainers” in your life that are zapping that energy and leaving you exhausted at night. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have in just 1 week!

Week 3: Banish The Guilt

Week 3 I help you look at your schedule in a whole new light and I teach you what’s getting in the way of you feeling stuck! Hint: it has to do with feeling guilty and I teach you how to banish the guilt. Oh yeah

Week 4: The Addiction Cycle

Week 4 will teach you where you are in your own sugar addiction cycle and how to get out! No longer will you feel like you take one step forward and 2 steps back. With knowledge and a plan you can get yourself out of the addiction cycle!

Week 5: Get The Junk Out

Week 5 gets you in action in areas of your life that you never thought contributed to weight gain and sugar cravings! I teach you how to “get the junk out” of your mind, physical body and relationships. It’s based on chapter 4 of Woman Unleashed

Week 6: Self-Care Redefined

Week 6 is one of the hardest concepts for women to grasp so I spend some time teaching you about self care redefined. If you don’t nail this concept you will continue to fall back into sugar addiction time and time again and honestly, your body and skin will show your age! Not joking. Self care is one of the best kept secrets to ageless bodies!

Week 7: Finding Flow

Week 7 is about finding your flow in life so things don’t always have to feel so dang difficult. I teach you exactly how to do it so it feels easy and effortless! Who has time for anything else

Week 8: Life Unleashed

Week 8 is my favorite lesson of all… learning to live a life unleashed. I help you define what that looks like for you but for sure you MUST have radiant energy and unstoppable confidence in order to live this way hence I saved the best for last! Everything leading up to this point in the course prepares you for take your life to the next level and get that body you want while living with a calm, confident mind! I also know how busy you are so I give you prompts to make it easy to go back to any part of the course you might want to delve a little deeper into. I know you’re busy and you just want results so I’ve got you covered in keeping you organized!!

Each week you'll get a video lesson with an accompanying handout so you can take action (instead of just learning and not implementing)

Woman Unleashed Will Help You Go From:

  • Anxiety since childhood ... to no more anxiety
  • ​Weight that never came off before ... to weight finally coming off
  • ​Feeling like a loser deep down ... to feeling "I am amazing!"
  • ​Chronic constipation ... to going regular every day
  • ​Wanting to start or grow your biz ... to having a biz that is organized and profitable!
  • ​Not wanting to speak up ... to confidently having a voice
  • ​Questioning every thought ... to trusting yourself
  • ​Scared you're going to gain weight ... to not worrying about it.
  • ​Having a dull marriage ... to loving and accepting your spouse
  • ​Overexercising for fear of weight gain ... to no more fear
  • ​Kids feeling depressed ... to knowing how to manager their feelings
  • ​Not feeling like you fit in ... to not caring anymore
  • ​Crying in front of colleagues ... to feeling in control of yourself
  • ​Crazy uncontrollable mood swings ... to no more swings
  • ​Feeling taken advantage of ... to feeling empowered

I've spent over 16 years and taught more than 20,000 women how to take control... but it wasn't always this way...

I used to grind my teeth, sweat profusely and feel anxious often...but in secret. no one ever knew because i had the best game face.

I was afraid I'd gain weight and suffered through anorexia and bulimia.

I dated the most abusive guys because of my low self esteem.

I never felt right being employed but didn't know how to start a biz or what people would pay me for.

I said a lot but never really said anything of substance out of fear of being judged.

I would weigh myself every day and feel depressed if the number didn't go down.

I regretted the first year of marriage asking for a divorce because I couldn't live with person I just married and their habits.

I would exercise twice/day in my 20's to "keep the weight off".

I grew up in a family where both my parents were clinically depressed for most of my life so naturally I thought the same would happen to me.

I NEVER fit in or belonged to any groups. They never felt right

I used to cry spontaneously in front of people who pushed my buttons

I was taken advantage of by my employers and didn't speak up...one even touched my leg and I never told anyone blaming myself for looking too good that day.

I had mood swings that would flair up out of nowhere and that nice person I was went away temporarily and I was left praying she'd come back quick because I didn't understand what had just happened!

PHEWWW. That's a lot.

But that was me and you know what...I'm here to support all those who struggle with any or all of the above in a big way.
I no longer suffer from ANY of those issues and live a life where I WAKE UP EXCITED, filled with peaceful filled thoughts I CONTROL and have a husband I ADORE and am grateful for AND workout when I WANT and have a biz I LOVE and make great money doing and never worry anymore. 
So what do you say?
Are you ready to learn the tools and strategies I’ve taught countless numbers of women so you too can take back control and have the confidence and energy you know you deserve??

Here's Exactly What You Get in Woman Unleashed

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Here's What You Get When You Buy Woman Unleashed VIP

Woman Unleashed - 8 week program
8-Week Self-Paced Online Program
  • 8 Weeks of Self-Paced Online Course Content
  • Each Week has 1 Teaching + 1 "Action Item"
  • Quick Lessons (4-12 minutes each)
  • Bonus: Free PDF Copy of My Book, Woman Unleashed

**Normal Price: $497

Summer Special: $297 Today. 
Start Immediately. No Setup Fee.

Hey! My name is Jenn Edden
I'm a sugar addition expert and founder of Woman Unleashed and the Founder of The Sugar Freedom Method.

After healing myself of gastritis at 22 yrs old and surviving a near-death gas explosion at the age of 28, I decided to answer the calling to help others using all the tools I learned while healing myself.

How many times do you get to the end of your day wishin you could have done it differently and for sure with more energy and feeling like you made smart choices all day long.

In the Woman Unleashed Program, I'll teach you how to take back control of what you eat and drink without dieting, deprivation or denial. 
Is this program going to focus on Sugar Addiction and weight loss? 
YES! Learning to take control of sugar is a long term commitment and process that I address in the 8 week course. When sugar is under control, inflammation comes down and weight will come off. 

This process involves putting your whole life in balance so I’m taking a whole life approach which includes what you eat and drink, addressing energy issues and so much more. Like any online program, you get what you put into it!
Is there any support from you after I buy this online study program?
I do have a free public Facebook group that you can join, if you’re not already a member. It’s called Woman Unleashed Community and I always say members can ask me anything there. 

For your information when I taught the course live 3 + years ago I charged more than 5 times what you’re paying so consider this an awesome affordable way to get my teachings brought right to you and that you have full control of when you will watch each lesson.
You have great energy and lots to offer... to be honest, I’m not sure this will work for me. How can I be sure?
Great question! If you can relate to the problems I mentioned that I’ve solved then you’re in the right place. If you’re also at a 10/10 of wanting to see real change then you’re in the right place! 

It’s when you don’t quite relate to having wine or sugar cravings and you’re happy with where your confidence and energy are currently at that I tell women not to take the next step.
What type of topics do you discuss in the course?
The online course is based on my book so it will cover topics on being a highly sensitive woman and why we need to do things differently, upgrading your current diet because that’s part of the problem, specific recipes and ideas to help bring inflammation down, creating a schedule that works for you, how to break a sugar addiction cycle and much more!
I have a specific question before I join... 
I get it. Email me at info@jecoaching.com with the subject line "Woman Unleashed Question!" and I'll get back to you in the next 24 hours.
© 2020 Jenn Edden Coaching; https://jecoaching.com/
I got introduced to digital marketing in 2011 and have never looked back...

At the time I was working at a marketing company and our main client had a business model that was primarily offline.  

They would speak at conferences and events, collect leads on paper, bring them back and our sales team would call the "hot leads" and ignore the rest...

This is what I know now as a "leaky funnel..."

I knew there had to be a better way.

Enter the Traffic & Conversion Summit in 2011 - the best marketing event you've probably never heard of. 

It's put on by Digital Marketer out of Austin (and has since grown to about 6,000 people per year)...

This is where I first heard the term "Sales Funnel" and the basic idea is this: if you have 10,000 visitors that come to your website, and 1,000 opt-in for your content (i.e. "leads") and 100 buy your offer (i.e. "customers") it resembles a funnel:
Your funnel could be ad traffic > webinar registration > webinar attendee > buyer...

Or "lead magnet" > strategy call > group coaching client...

You get the idea...

Regardless of the business you're in, you have a sales funnel... 

Don't believe me? 

Say you go to a mixer event (BNI, Chamber of Commerce) and there are 100 people there.

20 are actually in your target market (so you grab 20 business cards)...

You email all 20 for a strategy call, 10 agree to the call and you close 3 to your product/service/idea...

100 prospects > 20 contacts > 10 leads > 3 clients...
My Digital Marketing Epiphany...
OK, back to our offline client...

We rolled out more scalable, digital strategies to "plug" the leaky funnel with digital marketing...

Sales went up...

We got more clients and employed the same strategies...

Sales went up...

We started a company to create a mass-market appeal to this approach (and that company grew to about 7 figures in the first year).

Along the way I was learning, getting more certifications, soaking up all I could about digital marketing like a sponge.  

I rubbed elbows with my heroes in marketing (guys like Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer and Brad Martineau from Sixth Division).

I was hooked...
The Jump
Throughout 2016 we grew this little consulting company up to about a million on the back of the sales funnels I was building.

A funnel to get leads...

A funnel to sell the digital course...

A funnel to run webinars...

A funnel to fill our events and seminars...

Throughout 2016 I met some really cool entrepreneurs and was surprised that most of them didn't have a Digital Marketer on their team (someone to implement the systems to help them reach their vision for their company).

So I had a hunch that I could start my own agency and serve a bunch of people instead of this one company.

And in January 2017 I resigned from my post to go on my own.

The name of my agency is called Red Anchor Marketing - a high-end boutique digital marketing agency/consultancy that builds marketing funnels and comprehensive advertising strategies.

Fast forward to today and I've spent hundreds of thousands on Facebook advertising and launched over 50 marketing campaigns in various niches.
There Was Still 1 Big Ol' Problem...
My Agency is full (which is awesome for me but bad for those on the outside)...

And, I met a heap of people that are still struggling to build funnels in their business.

It would take forever to get started...

It would take forever to finish...

Costs would get out of control...

And they'd either get ultra-frustrated and quit, or let it take forever and spend needless hours and dollars to bring it to life...

All of which means your vision isn't served. You don't reach your potential.

I'm not OK with that...

That's why I'm making this course and giving my system to more people... 

Thanks for joining me on my journey