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Most female entrepreneurs don’t like feeling deprived after a long day and they just want to unwind by having a glass of wine (or two). After all they’ve been productive all day long, so don’t they deserve to have a glass of wine and perhaps a square of dark chocolate? They earned it!

When I first started linking what the glass of wine or square of dark chocolate was doing to my body, I didn’t want to believe it.

What does wine and dark chocolate have to do with me not getting the scale to move or feeling exhausted when I wake up?

I had no idea that the glass of wine turned to sugar and was robbing me of the vibrant energy and laser focus I wanted and needed. I was following all the old ways people were teaching to get the wine under control and my diet to be more consistent, but nothing was working. I was tired of going from diet to diet and cleanse to cleanse to keep it all together.

That’s when I decided to go out on my own and stop following what everyone else was saying I should do. Nothing they said ever worked long enough to see results… I eventually got bored. Truth be told, it took me well over two decades to master myself making so many freakin’ mistakes till it all started to just click.

That’s when I realized that managing my diet and nighttime urges for alcohol didn’t have to mean I was going on another diet and feeling deprived all over again!

I was so busy I knew that whatever plan I was going to create had to be simple and easy to implement with flexibility to fit my mood so I wouldn’t get bored.

Coolest thing is it actually started to feel FREEING once I got the hang of it.

But I know what you might be thinking… I hear a lot of women tell me this:

“Jenn, I could never do that! I love my wine and my life is super busy and I don’t have the time to put into figuring all this out!”

I Get It… And I’ve Got You.

The truth is, once I started to see results in my body and with my energy, that’s all I cared about. I became addicted to feeling good.

As one could imagine I was ecstatic… after all, I was a recovering sweets addict most of my life and after I experienced this freedom in a short amount of time there was no going back.

So that’s when I decided to write it all down and share it with as many female entrepreneurs as possible in my online masterclass: The Sugar Freedom Method which will show how to have vibrant energy and a tone body to give you the confidence to go after anything you want from life… without depriving yourself of things you deserve (like a glass of wine or a square of dark chocolate!)

But there’s more to this FREE online masterclass than just learning how to manage wine and sweet cravings at night (you don’t have to stop drinking or deprive yourself). You’ll also discover:

The #1 mistake female entrepreneurs make when trying to cut back on drinking wine.

Why the weight never seems to come off, even after dieting for a few weeks.

How to manage wine or sweets at night without being on a diet.

The 5 Step Sugar Freedom Method I use with my clients to get them vibrant energy and the results they want in their body.

And much, much more...

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