Women! Get Your 6 Step Plan to Kick Cravings & Feel Empowered.

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Women! Get Your 6 Step Plan to Kick Cravings & Feel Empowered.

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Are You Struggling With:

Annoying Cravings & Poor Diet

Did you know that cravings are just a sign of imbalance? I can help.

Crazy Bouts of Low Energy

Energy highs and lows are definitely related to poor diet + mental stress. I can help.

Frustration From Not Knowing Where to Begin

My specialty is reducing mind chatter & getting you organized . Did I mention I can help?

Is This You?

You tend to be Type A & Self Motivated

Can’t seem to get the food thing right

You know you’re better than where your life is right now.

One too many to-do’s, and no focus on what’s next.

How do I know this about you?

Because I am you. I’ve been there. Done that. I’ve had unfocused thoughts and
uncontrollable cravings no matter how much willpower I threw at myself! I then
“figured it out,” and have been helping women do the same for over a decade.

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Woman Unleashed by Jenn Edden

The New Book is Here!

Woman Unleashed will teach you simple yet profound processes to free up your energy while bringing forth the insight, clarity and confidence you are craving!

Best of all, your book comes with an amazing FREE gift straight from Jenn’s mouth to your inbox – 45 days of her daily affirmations delivered right to you!

Find out why best-selling author Lissa Coffey says, “Woman Unleashed is a breath of fresh air.”

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Jenn Edden offers a fresh and wise approach to living with radiant energy and unshakeable confidence.

Marci Shimoff

NY Times Bestselling Author of "Happy for No Reason" and "Love for No Reason"

Jenn’s style of writing is fun, to the point and always focused on one thing- helping women feel their most confident self. I have no doubt Woman Unleashed is the answer woman have been looking for when it comes to finding their best self!

Tisha Marie Pelletier

Tisha Marie Enterprises

Woman Unleashed is a breath of fresh air.

Lissa Coffey

Bestselling Author of "What’s Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love"

It’s like Jenn has tapped into my mind and knows exactly what I’m thinking, and exactly what I need! She writes with courage, confidence, and an infectious enthusiasm that inspires action from the inside out. Simply put, Jenn gets what it means to be a highly sensitive woman living in a not so sensitive world.

Brianne Grogan

DPT, WHNC, Author of "Lady Bits"

Jenn speaks straight from the heart. Both nurturing and direct, she’s got a rare combination of qualities that make a person want to listen and learn. Jenn generously shares her knowledge in “Woman Unleashed” for all of us to benefit.

Debra Duby

Owner, Soul Salad, Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

I love Jenn Edden’s high-energy and to-the-point perspective. I have no doubt she will help women all around the globe with their overall health and their mental, physical and emotional well being.

Karin Murphy Caro


Woman Unleashed is a must-read for anyone looking to kick sugar and take their life to the next level.

Dr. Stephen Atkins

Board Certified in Holistic Health, Atkins Wellness

Jenn Edden is a go-to expert for sugar addiction. What she teaches simply works.

Keith Leon

Multiple Bestselling Author, Speaker & Publisher

Jenn’s Take on Detoxing

Jenn Edden Presents: The Cryotheraphy Spa

Watch My Appearance on 103.9 LI NewsRadio!

What Jenn’s Clients Love About Her…

Jenn’s program was a game changer. With Jenn’s guidance and support, I created a new understanding of and relationship with my body. I have the knowledge and experience of what truly nourishes me. I can now make stress-free choices for what to cook and when eating out, because I know what will give me real energy. I no longer turn to food for fulfillment and learned to invest in experiences to cut cravings. Jenn helped me create a new lifestyle where I have the body and health I always wanted for myself.


Washington, D.C.

For someone who takes control of most situations, Jen helped me realize that I had very little control over my eating. Who knew that what we eat controls so much of who we are (inside and out!).

My energy, attitude and general sense of self is so much better when I control the things I choose to eat. And while I thought it was easy to simply, ‘eat better’, Jenn coached me into seeing that I didn’t know as much as I thought.

Rachel Bacheler

Owner, Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care

I connected with Jenn for business purposes through a friend’s recommendation. Her wisdom, sass, and powerfully feminine personality were readily apparent and I could tell she was a kindred spirit with great information to share.

[Our relationship] is paying off in a big way. Over the last year, my email subscriber list has quadrupled and I’m starting to realize my business dreams!”

Brianne Grogan

Owner, FemFitness

I’ve been working with Jenn for a year and a half, and it’s funny because initially I hired her as my business coach to help propel my health coaching career, but as life would have it, things changed, and she evolved into, what I like to call my LIFE coach.

We now talk the whole enchilada – business and health. I couldn’t imagine my life without her in some capacity.

Laura Constantiner

Founder, DailyDubie

Women Empowered


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Latest News from Jenn’s Blog

Didn’t Reach Your Goal? It’s Not Your Fault.

Today’s post hits home for me big time and for so many women who seek my support. For more years than I care to talk about I would set myself up to fail WITHOUT even knowing it. Let me ask the question and feel free to share what comes up for you in the comments...

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Why Choose Jenn as Your Coach?

That’s a Great Question!

As a recovering sugar-a-holic for over a decade, I have helped countless numbers of women feel empowered by learning how to kick the cravings without diets, pills or silly gimmicks that don’t work in the long run.

As a mom of 3 small kids, a wife and a business owner, I am passionate about serving women who struggle with juggling too many hats while hoping to carve out time for themselves.

I wasn’t always fit and put together the way people see me now. It’s taken me well over 2o years to put all the pieces together. I was that kid growing up who was highly sensitive and got my feelings hurt a lot. I always tried to do the best I could, but would come up short and turn to cookies as my relief. I had a lot of anxiety and bouts of depression for sure. Peace of mind was something that other people had, but for me it was just a nice concept in books I’ve read.

I tried every diet known to man to drop the weight and most of the attempts would work. It was “once the diet was over” where I had problems. My cravings would always come back and so would the weight. All I remember thinking was “here I go again!”

Here’s the awesome news.

I’ve been in your shoes and know the frustration and disappointment that no else can quite appreciate.

What I teach stops the “I’ll just be good” mentality, curbs cravings and has you feeling empowered to think about what YOU want. When was the last time you thought about that?

Get the Right Information on Kickin’ the Cravings & Feeling Empowered…

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Lesson today taught by none other than my 4 1/2 yr old Sydney.

She told me she was going to get that yellow bracelet at our pool club.

We've been Members for 1 week!

You have to swim 25 meters without stopping.

She watched her brother and sister pass the test last week.

Then she tried twice and could barely complete 1/2 the length.

Today she walked in and said I'm going to pass that test.

I thought "hmmmm. Ok. Why tell her she can't? Let's go try again."

Well folks, SHE PASSED being cheered on by her mother every step of the way.

Moral of the story. If you think you can YOU CAN.


No excuses needed.

Truth be told I'm in awe of her determination
And honored I got to witness it today.

May you go after whatever you want with reckless abandon not taking no for an answer.

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How to make real progress in your life. #guiltfreelife #womanunleashed #nocravings #doyourbest ... See MoreSee Less

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6am Post Workout Revelation:

Met a guy at the gym today totally fit and doing exercises at the gym that challenge many muscle groups at one time.

So naturally I was intrigued and approached him 🙂

He taught me a few great exercises I'm now going to incorporate into my routine because I can tell my muscles stopped responding to my old routine.


Moral of the story: how many times do we just keep doing the same thing because, well, we're afraid to ask or check in with ourselves about what we need to change.

I've now made Tim, that's his name, part of my circle of people to consult when I feel stuck with a boring routine and my body will now be the beneficiary.

I say change up what needs to be changed up and find a person, place or thing that will help get you to YOUR next level.

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The New Book is Here!

Buy it Today and Get an Exclusive Free Gift

Woman Unleashed will teach you simple yet profound processes to free up your energy while bringing forth the insight, clarity and confidence you are craving!

Best of all, your book comes with an amazing FREE gift straight from Jenn’s mouth to your inbox – 45 days of her daily inspirations delivered right to you.

Find out why best-selling author Lissa Coffey says, “Woman Unleashed is a breath of fresh air.”

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