The 6 Phases of a Sugar Addiction Cycle

How You Got There, What To Do About It, and How To Get The Hell Out!

After countless years of slipping in and out of sugar addiction, yo yo dieting and seeing no real results working out I decided to write this report on the 5 Phases of the Sugar Addiction Cycle to help all those who find themselves in the same place time and time again.

I’ve purposefully written the Phases starting with “You’re Eating Healthier and don’t have a significant number of cravings,” because I always like to start on a positive note!

ENJOY and please feel free to drop me a note at if you feel inspired to share what you learned. I love hearing from you!

Jenn Edden, CHHC
Sugar Cravings Expert, Empowerment Coach & Speaker

PHASE 1: You start eating healthier and your weight starts to drop. You feel in control of your eating.

Once you get here you think you’re never going back to your old way of eating! You might be obsessive about eating clean too. You make a point to tell people how good you’re doing or that they shouldn’t eat x,y or z because it’s bad for them.

It’s during this phase that you start to feel like you can do anything or be anyone and that “this might actually be IT”….that time you got over the cravings and weight struggle hurdle.

This is when you might have had a coach or someone help you get on a good eating plan or maybe you did Weight Watchers of Jenny Craig. Maybe you felt like you could do it all by yourself now so you got rid of the support and branched out on your own!

This brings you to Phase 2.

PHASE 2: You are eating better, making smarter choices but notice that you are adding back processed foods, a little cookie or bread here or there or some chocolate at 3pm but it feels like no big deal… you got this!

You are feeling good so you’re not worried about gaining back weight or falling off the wagon. You still feel in control and what’s SO bad about having a few fries with your burger?

You get on the scale 2 weeks later and it moved up a few pounds… ok, maybe 5!

It’s during this phase that most people need the MOST support as they move too quickly from Phase 1 into Phase 2. The changes in the body haven’t “cemented” at a cellular level and it’s too easy to slip back into old habits. Some say it takes 21 days to form a habit but I think it’s more like 6 months.

This brings you to Phase 3.

PHASE 3: You add back more of your old foods in a less controlled manner.

It’s no longer just once/week or on weekends…your old habits start to creep back in during the weekdays and you start to feel a little nervous like “maybe I don’t got this and how do I get back to Phase 1…it doesn’t feel as easy as it did before.”

You may start to feel bloated again and now more worry starts to set in. “Oh no, you tell yourself…am I going backwards? Why can’t I stop eating that chocolate at 3pm or the cookies at night?”

The scale tips to maybe a 10lb increase and now all that “hard work” from Phase 1 feels like a waste but you don’t know what to do or who to talk to about it and you can’t get your jeans to zipper!

It’s at this point you need to SEEK SUPPORT and GUIDANCE and break the Sugar Addiction Cycle (from someone who has been in your shoes, has the proper training and gets it!) to overcome old blocks, old beliefs and old outdated habits that are still lingering around.

Your diet and mindset need a tweak and NOW.

If you don’t do something at this stage of the game the weight will inevitably creep back on and old stories and mind chatter will tell you “Here you go again. Back to square one” and you will return to how things were before and you will remain stuck in this phase for a long time or worse yet…

You will move into PHASE 4

PHASE 4: You let all hell break loose.

You not only stop eating healthy foods all together but you start to totally slip on workouts (if you’ve been working out) and you start to talk badly about yourself both aloud and secretly. You sabotage yourself and are fully back in the sugar addiction cycle.

In this Phase it’s hard to think clearly as sugar causes brain fog and lethargy so you won’t even feel motivated to do anything. Not to mention when pants don’t button when you knew they did months ago it is really is hard to think positively about anything!

How do I know all this you might ask?

I’ve Been There. Done that. And have been coaching women through sugar addiction for a little over a decade.
So let’s keep going with the story…you are in Phase 4 for more months (even years) then you care to talk about but then…suddenly….

You find yourself in Phase 5.

PHASE 5: You get to the breaking point (usually it’s a number on the scale for women or a great aunt asked if you’re getting F-A-T or maybe you have an upcoming wedding and want to start looking GOOOOD again).

It’s at this point you are SO out of your comfort zone with how you look and feel that you look for a change.
You start to talk with people about what they’re done. You try an exercise class just to get moving…you might even seek help from a health coach who specializes in sugar addiction & stubborn weight loss. J
Truth be told, real change happens when you reach your breaking point (which could include a health scare by the way! I’ve had plenty of women seek my support when their doctor told them they were pre diabetic- why wait till that point?!)

Stop for 1 minute now and honestly ask yourself:

  1. Am I ready for a change from how I’ve done things in the past?
  2. Am I ready for a change from how I’ve been thinking because that hasn’t worked either?

When you are ready to work with someone make sure you feel inspired and connected to them and that they have a proven track record to get real results.

I’ve seen enough people out there touting themselves as weight loss coaches who secretly struggle with sugar themselves! That’s ok as everyone is on their own healing journey. Just make sure you hire someone who has already figured it out!

But I digress….

It’s at this point you move into the next STAGE (not Phase) as I like to call it…it’s not part of the sugar addiction cycle… it’s actually outside the cycle…

It’s what I call STAGE 6.

STAGE 6: You move out of phases 1-5 into A NEW PLACE all together.

You are truly inspired from a higher place.

You learn how to clean our toxins seasonally, you more often than not eat from a place of love and caring for self… no more dieting and denial and grabbing sweets, wine or food in general when you feel stressed out.

You most likely have a health coach who helps you tweak where you are to where you want to go both with your eating and with your life so you don’t feel alone. In fact you feel supported and that feels great to have support. It’s no longer a weakness but a strength and you feel proud to share it!

You may also have a community of like-minded people around you who cheer one another on. This is very helpful for long term results.

And you’re starting to exercise regularly (by yourself or because you hired a personal trainer or take classes… no judgment here…I still take classes right now because working out alone is no longer exciting to me!).

You care about what you eat and drink not because of the number on the scale but because it makes you feel gooooooooood… and wanting to feel good is the new driving force in your life so therefore you make smarter choices from a WHOLE NEW PLACE.

SO there you have it….the 5 Phases of a Sugar Addiction Cycle and what do about it!

Much love and light to you,

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