Welcome to another installment of Inspiration Monday!

This week’s inspiration comes from living in our RV in the upper lot of my inlaw’s VT lake home for the past 10 days.

I’ve honestly been struggling to find inner calm for the past few days. It’s been catching me by surprise as it’s not something I’m used to so I wanted to share with you what I know about feeling anxious and not waking up feeling your best self!

So many women I know are anxious, not the paralyzing kind, but that low level stuff that no one really talks about.They’re what I call silent sufferers. They go about their day being busy, getting stuff done with a smile on their face but on the inside they just can’t find that inner peace when they stop and sit still.

Perhaps you can relate or know someone who feels this way?

What I’ve learned after a gizillion years of researching and experimenting is that ANY ONE of these areas could be inflaming you:

  • different ethnic foods
  • diets
  • exercise routines
  • relationships
  • my own spirituality and career

Now that might not be news to you but did you know that when your body is inflamed it affects your brain and for sure your mood!

Now before you google brain body health and get hit with a million new diets people want to you try :-D… just know that it’s MORE than just diet that affects your brain health and ultimately your mood.

We typically blame ourselves for our anxiety or foul mood and for sure how lazy we feel!! The thing is it’s not actually our fault, it’s our brains that are totally being affected.

Don’t just take my word for it… have you ever gone on one of those 14 day cleanses or 30 day clean eating “diets” and literally feel happy and clear minded thinking “you got this”? And then the minute you add back your old foods you are right back to feeling lousy!

That’s exactly what I’m talking about although I find no one ever equates their mood or anxiety with what they ate or that the stress in their life is inflaming them.

I’m here to tell you that your brain and body are interconnected. Period. Body inflamed = brain inflamed and when you’re inflamed guess what you crave?

Yup. Sugar, wine, chips, pizza, cheese and crackers, ice cream…

So you might be thinking, “Jenn how do I know when I’m getting inflamed?” Well, let me tell you!

This is how inflammation happens:

  • Eating too much processed food
  • Abundance of alcohol in the body
  • Food sensitivities
  • Eating out too much for your body to handle
  • Toxic relationships
  • Poor water quality
  • Too much cellphone usage
  • Not enough physical movement
  • Jobs we hate or resent

In typical Jenn Edden style I’m not going to leave you hanging in the question without some solid solutions to get you moving in the right direction!

What to do about the inflammation:

  1.  Figure out what kind of gut health healing you need (not everyone benefits from all the advice out there to just eat more fermented foods! You hear that one all the time. I actually feel sick just getting a whiff of kombucha even tho it’s supposed to be good for you.)
  2. Learn about food quality and what sneaky stuff is in food that’s inflaming you
  3. Get the right support to conquer the sugar and/or alcoholic addiction and stop spending money on half baked solutions only addressing 1 aspect of health. (I’m guessing you know about my Sugar Freedom Method by now? It addresses ALL areas. Link at the bottom to watch my masterclass on it or schedule a call to check each other out.)
  4. Get a good home water filtration system (I paid thousands for a whole home system when I lived in NY but you can get an over the counter system too- I’ve heard great things about a Berkey system)
  5. Find a new job/career you feel passionate about (easier said than done but at least acknowledge where you are working is inflaming you)
  6. Stop tolerating people that emotionally drain you (nuff said!)
  7. Get moving in a way that makes you feel good vs what you think will help you burn the most calories (find an exercise routine that works for you…not what your trainer, sister, best friend or online fitness model says that leaves you exhausted and cranky!)

Feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start after reading all of this?

No worries. Simply pick one of the solutions above that calls to you and start there.

And as always if you read something that inspired you to think differently and take on your life in a new way, do share. I love hearing from you!


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