Doesn’t the summer ALWAYS seem to fly by?

My family and I tend to lay low a lot in the Summer with only a few weeks booked to bring on the Summer F-U-N. Personally speaking I LOVE to leave plenty of room for last minute adventures. Aren’t those always the best?!

As you know, Summer comes along with not only that awesome tan but plenty of time to be outdoors and eat amazing food. Where else are you going to get that hot-off-the-grill burger (grass fed of course) or homemade guac.

Come’on! You know those are THE best.

For today’s insight and inspiration I thought I’d focus on something that used to frustrate me, BIG TIME.

You know that post BBQ “I just had a great time and now I look and feel 3 months pregnant” BLOAT!

Given how much I can’t stand that feeling  and for sure I know so many people who struggle with this, I couldn’t help but share some advice that I personally use to keep me feeling happy, flat bellied and well…….unleashed!

You see if you overate on veggies and fruit all weekend you wouldn’t feel quite as bloated as you do today.

When you make poor carb choices that are extremely inflammatory to the body such as bread, pasta, cookies, potato chips, french fries, hot dog rolls, potato salad, beer and yes, potato knishes…yummy!!

You see these are the carbs that quickly raise your blood sugar levels, are devoid of nutrition and cause you to retain water (which if you weighed yourself today and saw the scale up a few pounds this is exactly what just happened).

The good news is that water weight will disappear in a few days if you take to heart what I’m about to share with you. You up for that?

I hope so!

Jenn’s 3 Strategies to Lose The Post BBQ Bloat

Don’t eat any more bloating foods for the next few days- 3 or so is a good time frame.

By taking out specific foods for a few days you will stop bloating further and allow your body to start naturally shedding the excess water. This includes whole wheat bread, pasta, beer, potatoes, rice and cookies.

 Don’t skip a meal today! It is very important to eat at least 3 meals/day to maintain consistent insulin levels in the body.

The minute you start skipping meals to conserve calories your body will get confused and think it’s starving and will KEEP the weight on…yep, including the water weight. And when you skip meals you will have sugar cravings at around 3pm and even in the evening so do yourself a favor and eat a yummy high protein breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Go sweat it out! Get some sort of exercise to start losing the water weight TODAY.

Do whatever you ENJOY that raises your heart rate and makes you sweat.

I love a good game of tennis or running around with my kids in the yard. You will feel the difference in your waistline in the next few days. Promise. And you will be back looking great in that Bikini in NO TIME!

Not to mention when you get your heart rate up and get a good sweat going your body releases endorphins, those happy hormones, that make you feel good which makes you more likely to not want to overeat again!

You got that right.

Now go enjoy those barbeques and the great company that goes along with them knowing life is short so enjoy when you can, do your best to get back on track the next day and let the rest go!


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