Such a funny title-no? THE CRAZIES.

Yet if you’ve ever experienced them you’ll know what I mean….your thoughts are in a funny place and you don’t know what to quite do about it. After all, you’re a successful gal (or guy!), your life is pretty great, you have a great career/job/biz yet you feel “off” and for sure those dang cravings aren’t helping in the least bit!

May I be of service on this gorgeous summer day and pass along some helpful hints that have supported countless people in getting back on track and back to feeling their best selves!

Here is a quick list of what can be causing the crazies and what to do about it!!

Fatigue. For sure when I’m tired everything goes out the window that day/week. My eating habits are off. I feel cranky and for sure I have cravings for just about anything that comes my way!

THE REMEDY: Take breaks during the day to help the body relax (and not look for sugar later on to essentially do the same thing- sugar can have a calming effect even tho it’s wreaking havoc on the inside). And for sure don’t wait till the end of the day when you’re about to drop to take that break. I find taking a break before I need it produces the best results!

Lack of movement. For sure when we’re not eating our best, just came back from a vacation, or have been indulging in excess alcohol we can feel off… like waaaay off.

THE REMEDY: Go find something you enjoy that moves your body and causes you to SWEAT and just do it. Don’t like exercising alone? Join a class. Don’t like to be around others while you exercise, I get it. Go for a run/jog and get your sweat on. Did you know that the act of sweating through exercise is not only heart healthy but a total body experience? You see when you sweat your body releases toxins through your pores as well as releases those happy endorphin hormones. It’s a win win leaving you feeling better almost instantly.

Not enough F-U-N built into your every day. Did you know that a life that is lacking fun can make you feel, well, crazy!? Yeah. Too much of anything is not a good thing including your ROUTINE. Yup.

THE REMEDY: give yourself permission for a routine hack. If your life lacks fun it just might be time to start breaking some rules you’ve created.  Go ahead and eat that food on your “no” list. Buy yourself that something special you’ve been denying yourself. Take a mid day break from work and do something out of the ordinary. Take a pole dancing class.  Anything to shake. it. up. and watch your move shift with the change of routine.

Dehydration. Did you know that our bodies are mostly made of water. Yeah. We’ve all heard that. What most don’t think about is what that means when we don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated, especially on those hot summer days. I find the body can actually start to shut down and with that comes the mind and your thoughts. Yeah.

THE REMEDY: Sometimes I feel a mental relief just from guzzling a bottle of cold filtered water. Feeling like you drink a lot of water but never feel like your thirst is quenched? Drink a bottle of smart water or add a pinch of sea salt to your water to help it absorb better. They both give you the electrolytes your body is craving so that you can effectively absorb what you’re drinking. Can’t seem to remember to drink water? No problem. I have a glass bottle I carry around as a constant reminder to drink drink drink.

Aaaaaand with that said truth be told, sometimes our hormones are just plain out of whack from any of the above or from just plain ol’ stress in general.  It happens to the best of us. Sometimes just knowing our hormones can be the cause of the crazies helps us breathe through them, search for answers and just be ok with WHERE WE ARE.

And as my amazing grandma, Concetta, used to always say “this too shall pass!”.



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