Holiday Season is in full swing!

This time of year is supposed to be a reminder to give thanks for all that we have.

Yet I remember the years when I would literally dread Thanksgiving and the holidays that followed because of my lack of control once the desserts and wine hit the table.

I read a lot of health articles and considered myself quite educated yet none of the tips I learned ever worked for me as lover of food, alcohol and desserts!


As a recovering sugar addict I’ve come to appreciate that my brain works different than most others and if I approach the holidays like everyone else I’m basically screwed come January 1.

On taste of sugar on the tongue or glass of wine and something flips like a switch in my head…

The next time I look up I’m 10lbs up on the scale, bloated and frustrated that all my hard work went out the door… again.

In the event you can relate I’ve decided to share the 3 strategies I use every holiday that leave me with zero regrets and a body that makes me look and feel my best.




STEP #1:

A party is just another day in the life. There will always be another party so why blow it all on this one day. Fit + fabulous women leave some room in the tank for another party. They pace themselves including how much and what they choose to eat and drink knowing tomorrow is a new day.

STEP #2: 
Focus more on the people and less on the food and drink. Enjoy having great conversations and perhaps once glass of wine doesn’t have to turn into 2,3,4. Don’t feel comfortable standing around holding an empty glass. Choose sparkling water with lemon. Works like a charm!

STEP #3:
Fit and fabulous women don’t give up their routines no matter what occasion, holiday or time crunch they find themselves in. They know they are the hub of their business, family and life. Period. They put themselves first guilt free.

End result?

It can be late into the holiday season and you can still be looking your best self.


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And as always, thanks for being here, learning and living and being your best self.
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