The Winter Olympics. The one reason every 2 years I crave watching TV every night for 2 weeks and actually do it. No joke.

You see, I don’t watch TV…pretty much ever.

I can hear all the gasps as you read this. I don’t know about Game of Thrones, This is Us or any of those popular shows that everyone talks about.

Truth be told I’d rather be in bed sleeping at 9:30pm because it pretty much guarantees I’ll wake up refreshed, not needing to rely on caffeine for energy (I have addiction in my family so any time I start to feel the need to HAVE to have something alarms go off in my mind!!) and can hit the gym so I can get my mind in order and keep my body in super fly shape!

Yes, that’s me.

What else you might not know about me, because I rarely ever write about it, is that I wake up sometimes around 430-5am and I can’t go back to sleep because I’ve got this nagging feeling that will not go away that I need to reach more women who are struggling.

You know who you are…you’re keeping it ALL together every day. You may have a family and unfortunately you don’t keep it together as much at home as you do at the office but how to do it eludes you. You’re anxious most days about what to eat, if you’re going to gain or lose weight because you rely on a number on the scale to tell you how you’re doing and you secretly wish you just had more peace of mind.

But the rat race you find yourself in, which you actually enjoy most days, doesn’t allow you much time to think about anything other than your job, hitting numbers, meeting with clients, driving the biz or company forward so you’re left figuring it out all by yourself…which isn’t working by the way!

How do I know all this you might be thinking? Because well, that used to be me and I figured it out. And if you’re a client of mine you know that what I teach, no one else is teaching, hence most people just keep doing things that don’t work but hope they will….basically the definition of insanity.

But I digress.

For many the Olympics might just be “something to watch on TV” every 2 years. If so, I get it and can see how they can just be something else to watch on TV. But for me I always go into watching sports events that bring together the best of the best athletes in the country and in this case, the world, with a curious eye.

You know what one of my favorite parts of the Olympics is???

THE INTERVIEWS…and not the ones that are staged and talk to the athletes days after they won or lost and event. It’s the interview IMMEDIATELY after the event! This is when the athletes are most raw and truth telling and very in touch with the reality of what actually happened that day they either won or lost.

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I learned this from Red Gerard. He won gold in snowboarding and broke the record for the youngest man to ever do it..I believe he’s only 17!! Before that he was trailing big time in the event….basically losing. When asked how he did it right after he put down a killer run and took the competition by storm he replied and I quote: I don’t know.

I mean I woke up tired and didn’t feel like getting out of bed. But I stuck to my routine and did my practice runs and told myself to just land my jumps. Just land them!! The announcer asked about 5 MORE TIMES how he did it as if what Red said wasn’t good enough. The kid literally repeated the same exact thing over and over again. “I just told myself to land my jumps. just land the jumps.”

He had nothing else going on in his mind. I can pretty much guarantee that this is what he tells himself every day in practice. LAND THE JUMPS. When push came to shove and pressure was at a high he simply relied on his routine and that was good enough for the gold. How many times do we complicate things by overthinking our diets or our exercise routine or even our relationships. Sometimes have a routine and sticking with it is good enough. I know for Red Gerard it was!!



This is a big one. I can’t tell you how many times I saw an athlete go down and hit the ice hard while giving it 110%. They gave their all and still they either went down and didn’t even get to complete the race or they completed it and that wasn’t good enough for making it onto the podium to receive a medal.

The worst, and I swear the media does it on purpose to get a rise out of the athletes, is when they ask dumb questions of athletes who were seeded at the top of the competitors in their event and “should” have won the gold. They ask what’s going on. What happened today? What went wrong?

These athletes, who you can visibly see on their face are disappointed about their performance, say with the utmost sincerity and heart “I DID MY BEST TODAY AND IT JUST WASN”T GOOD ENOUGH TO BE THE BEST. I”M OK WITH THAT. I DID MY BEST. So and so deserved to win, they had it in them today and I didn’t!! I mean who says things like that.

And if that wasn’t enough if you watched even a little bit of the olympics they show time and time again the top 3 athletes who made the podium hugging and congratulating one another on a job well done NO MATTER WHAT PLACE THEY CAME IN. It’s an honor just to be at the olympics let alone make the podium!!!



I see this one A LOT in football and in sports in the US for sure. A football player gets a touchdown and he looks up at the sky and makes the sign of the cross or they simply look up and smile and point! Thanking whomever is there that they believe in helped them get that win. They know there is a force greater than themselves at work every day guiding them to do their best work and show up no matter how many injuries they sustained over the years while going after their dreams.

Lindsay Vonn is a great example. One of the best downhills skiers of all times. She’s been to 3 winter olympics-that’s 12 years of her body enduring training after training and competition after competition. She’s had multiple knee surgeries, hand, shoulder and a host of other injuries they shared with us. Yet as she prepared for her last run of her career she was in tears as she shared that she loves what she does and couldn’t imagine doing anything else yet she doesn’t think her body can hold up another 4 years. Imagine that!!

My kids get a paper cut and want to quit writing on loose leaf paper for the rest of the week. I’ve fallen down and bruised my knee badly from skiing and debated the sport. What that taught me is that my life calling is not being an olympic skier 🙂 and my kids aren’t all that excited about learning to write! You see when something takes you over and you don’t care how many times you’ve fallen down or how many times you’ve failed you know you’re on to something. A higher calling is at work.

Hence I’ve been a health coach for over 14yrs no matter what. There were so many times I thought of throwing in the towel after women backed out of my programs or didn’t show up for appointments or didn’t show an ounce of gratitude for all the changes they just made.

But you know what, I always knew deep in my heart when I’m serving those who need what I offer, not those who thought they needed my work, I mean the ones that are suffering quietly with no where to turn and are super private so aren’t about to ask for help via FB and broadcast their issues given their status and how many people count on them being super stable every day….those women. When they show up and they get results in less than 30 days I am reminded that my work is divinely guided.


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