It’s Halloween!

I decided to share 3 simple strategies that personally get me through the next 2 weeks without being disgusted with myself that I ate too much, I can’t think clearly and now my pants feel tight…again!

Given that I am a recovering sugar a holic (for life!) and a sugar cravings expert I always feel the urge this time of year to offer my tried and true strategies.

Now if you happen to be immune to all the candy and beautifully decorated cupcakes and cookies lining the shelves of pretty much every store then good for you.

This one’s for all those who say they won’t buy it, see it, buy it, bring it home, swear they won’t eat it and then find themselves in a sugar coma and don’t know how to get back out.


3 Simple Strategies To Enjoy Halloween Treats WITHOUT

The Tricks

1. Get all the candy sitting out in the open PUT AWAY until the moment the trick-or-treaters show up + when they’re gone GET RID OF THE REST immediately.

Stop the temptation. Get it out of your face up until the moment the trick-or- treaters arrive.

2. Halloween Day – eat a really good high protein breakfast, lunch and dinner to stabilize blood sugar and reduce the office candy temptation and whatever the kids brings home that happens to be your “favorite”.

Focus on you AND your kids eating good real food and let the candy be the “icing on the cake”.

3. The Day After Halloween – Have your kids pick their favorite 10 candies + get rid of the rest. Honestly, I don’t even have one piece therefore never tempting myself to have more.  It’s just not worth the crappy way I will feel in the morning. That is not a treat in my opinion. 

The last thing you need is to have your kids or you eating candy, like a slow IV drip, for the next 3 weeks which only lowers your immune system… more to come on that!

What do you say we do things differently this year and stop the tricks before they even start!



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