I have to admit, it’s not really my style to talk “diets” like being on a diet, restricting calories, deprivation, will power…if you’ve been following me for a while then you know all that can keep you feeling stuck and in your head about why you never reach your goal weight, optimal jean size or why you never feel right when bathing suit seasons comes.

That’s because no one wants to tell the TRUTH. The truth doesn’t sell you fancy bars, food made especially by their company (AHEM! Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers), or some fancy diet pills that are supposed to melt the fat away.

It. Just. Doesn’t. Work. That. Way….and anyone that tells you otherwise is fibbing 🙂

I hit my all time low on the scale, not that I’m a scale watcher AT ALL, but I decided after 6 months to weigh in. I am a little under 130lbs, which is a weight I was before kid #2 was conceived, I feel strong and vibrant and am happy with how my clothes look and feel.

Truth be told I’m sure the weight will move around like it always does and go up a few and down a few…repeat after me, this is normal. This is normal.

If that wasn’t enough I’ve been teaching this stuff for over 13 years so you kinda figure it out…..or you do what a lot of other people do… you read tons of books and share stuff other people teach but have never achieved yourself :).


With that said, here are my DIET HACKS that really work.

ENOY them and please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you.


Not just any one but one that fits your lifestyle, is simple, safe and has proven results. When you detox you hit the RESET button on your metabolism, you cut back on junk food naturally and you give yourself a fresh start with eating. Your waistline will thank you!

The10 day detox I recommend is one my clients do repeatedly throughout the year, myself included so I wanted to share it with you! It’s simple, has no crazy supplements and gets you to eat real food without ever counting calories or worrying about going hungry! Check it out now. You will not be disappointed. I personally do this detox 2-3x/year!


Preferably before 7pm (includes drinking wine and alcohol) . I can not say enough about this simple idea. You body will go into fasting for 12 hours assuming you don’t eat again till 7am giving it plenty of time to rest, reset and burn fat while you sleep.

If you feel like you want a little something after dinner, make yourself a cup of herbal tea and a taste of honey. And of course if you have diabetes or are concerned about blood sugar dropping too much then consult with your doctor or reach out to me for a 30 minute Unleash Yourself Session and we’ll see what we can do together.


No joke. Eat enough at each meal of real food – and skip the snacks.. you know… pretzels, 100 calorie bars, popcorn, chips or anything that you need to open with our teeth or scissors :). I do this on more occasions then I care to talk about and I slim right back down.

All those processed carbs for sure are part of the problem but also waiting to eat between meals is great for giving the body some rest before it cranks back up. If you really need something, grab an organic apple and call it a day!!

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This one is a new concept for most. But man oh man will it slim you so fast. Eat foods that contain 1 ingredient and if it’s multiple ingredients like in salad dressing then make sure you can read ALL of them. If you can’t pronounce it, then don’t put it in your body….this includes that all so famous 2 words Natural Flavors.

I limit this to only my protein shakes in the morning because those 2 little words can contain anywhere from 2- 100 ingredients!! Yup. You read that right. 1 ingredient foods include grilled chicken, fish with fresh lemon juice and garlic salt, sautĂ©ed broccoli in olive oil and garlic, sweet potato with cinnamon, organic apple with almond butter, baby carrots with hummus (hummus contains many ingredients but so long as you can read them all you’re golden! No canola oil please.)

DIET HACK #5 – (Caution: this one makes many women angry) REMOVE/REDUCE DAIRY

Butter, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, whey protein, cream  cheese, ice cream. This one is interesting. If you think about it, a cow feeds its milk to a calf to make it become a two ton cow. Hmmmmm. And did you know that we’re the only animal that drinks another animals milk! Hmmmmmm again.

With that said do I think some grassfed butter is beneficial – for sure – and we are huge fans. There is also something called Ghee, which is clarified butter and has the milk solids removed. And you may have heard that raw cheese has its benefits which I believe in. The thing is that people tend to abuse diary :).

You have a little cheese in your omelette or your have some yogurt for breakfast thinking you’re doing a good thing. A splash of milk in your coffee. Then you might have some feta on your salad for lunch or use blue cheese dressing. Then some cottage cheese as a mid afternoon snack and possibly a lick of ice cream after dinner… maybe? From personally coaching women on this for over 13 years, when they reduce or better yet, eliminate dairy for 21 days…you will feel the difference and SEE it 🙂




After learning these 5 diet hacks what is one thing you plan to do differently as a result of reading this today?  I’d love to know about it in the comments below!

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Here are 5 DIET HACKS that really work. I know they work because I use them myself plus I have been teaching them to other women for over 13 years.

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