While I am not a epidemiologist by any stretch of the imagination I do know a few things about viruses and increasing our immunity and what we can do to protect ourselves when our bodies get invaded by foreign substances!!

The beauty of getting a virus is that the body has BUILT IN mechanisms in place to fight them.

As you know when an “invader” aka the Coronavirus comes into our body it immediately goes to work to fight it off!

In real time that looks like we get a fever (that’s our immune system going to war with the invader), sore throat (that’s the white blood cells in our lymph nodes in your throat fighting off the invader) and we get super tired (because the body is busy fighting off invaders! It just makes sense).

Our sole job is to give our body what it needs to be as STRONG as possible to fight off invaders.

Immune boosting is the name of the game to protect yourself from the Coronavirus!

I find the simplest and most helpful way to boost your immune system is to know what paralyzes it!

Why not talk about immune boosters? Because many people I know will supplement up the ying-yang but can’t control their wine or sugar intake so they’re literally countering any good effects the supplements, veggies or superfoods are doing!!

Make sense?

Biggest immune system paralyzers:

*processed food
*lack of sleep

Ways to overcome the biggest immune system paralyze-rs:

Sugar: learn how to control your sugar addiction, learn what’s in your food causing those cravings and consider joining the Sugar Freedom Method to handle this once and for all without dieting or deprivation. Learn what works for you!

Processed Food: take out 1 processed food from your diet on a daily basis and you’re on the road to less processed foods- just start somewhere.

Chemicals: simply use less lotions, perfumes, and eat foods with less ingredients knowing more ingredients = more chemicals (we teach that in module 2 of the Sugar Freedom Method)

Dehydration: carry around a 25 ounce water bottle and fill it at least 3 times daily! That’s 75 ounces a good start to hydration. To make it an electrolyte drink go ahead and add a pinch of sea salt and now you’ve added vital minerals.

Stress: learn what your triggers are and work through them (we address this module 4 of the Sugar Freedom Method Easy said than done but totally doable with the right support.)

Sleep: set a reminder on your phone every night and give yourself 1 hour to wind down before you hit the sheets. That 1 hour wind down helps you sleep more sound!

How does that sound!?


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