Be honest. Does the title of today’s blog post make you want to cringe even just a little? Did it get you thinking “oh, here we go again, someone else giving us more rules to follow around what we can and can’t eat?!

If it didn’t, it should have!

We don’t need any more rules. Our souls are screaming for less rules big time. So let me reassure you that what you’re about to read isn’t about having more rules.

I’m not a rules girl either!!

And what all that said the “rules” I’m about to share with you are more a NEW WAY OF THINKING (NWOT). On a recent power chat call I shared the following deets with a platinum program client and I thought everyone could benefit so I decided to write them all down and send them off into the world at large.

Truth be told that addictive side of our personalities appreciates some “rules” or what I like to call A ROUTINE, to keep us CALM and feeling IN CONTROL. Maybe this is why some people have a morning routine they stick to as if their life depended on it because it brings them a sense of calm.

I know it does for me.

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9 New Ways Of Thinking To Be Slim & Energetic

So with out further ado here are my NEW WAYS OF THINKING (NWOT) to help you enjoy yourself + keep yourself slim + energetic (or on the road to slim + energetic if you’re not there quite yet!).

#1: 1 out of 2 days on a weekend eat what you want. YES YOU CAN. Unless it’s a long holiday weekend then maybe eat what you want 1 out of 3-4 days! Give yourself A BREAK. You deserve it. Not to mention when you stop the tug o war you’ll be surprised how your urges to eat those “sinful” treats diminishes naturally. Seriously.

#2: I always start off my day with a clean breakfast. How I start my day determines my whole day so I don’t eat that danish my great aunt included in the family reunion breakfast! I keep it clean and make sure I’m feeling good going into my day.

Instead I will choose some scrambled eggs with ½ avocado and a handful of organic cherry tomatoes or a protein shake with almond butter, frozen organic blueberries + a handful of kale. Add ice and 10 oz water, blend and enjoy!!

#3: I work out regularly through any holiday weekend and enjoy staying active at family functions/bbq’s etc. knowing that in the fun I’m also burning off excess calories and giving myself a much needed endorphin boost. It also helps with not having a sugar coma 1 hour after indulging in some treats or alcoholic beverages!

#4: I do my best to not snack between meals. I enjoy myself AT meals, including eating dessert on occasion and allowing my body to digest and rest between meals. I call it a mini fast and it allows my digestive system to reset and stay all fired up for the next meal!

#:5 I stop eating way in advance of bed (perhaps 2 hours if not more?) and give myself up to 12 hours of intermittent fasting which will help your system RESET and burn fat while you sleep. The worst thing you can do is party all night, stay up eating junkie empty calories and beverages and then wake up 5 hours later and eat again. Your best bet is to give yourself plenty of time to digest

#6: I always start back up eating CLEAN on Monday no matter what happened over the weekend or long holiday. It doesn’t matter. Monday is a NEW day and I never look back at what happened and feel guilty or bad about it. No one ever became obese from 1 weekend or even 1 week of indulging. True weight gain comes from a steady increase of calories over a sustained period of time usually eaten out of guilt because of what happened the day before.                                     (this is me in Montauk…it’s a pic the hubs                                                                                                                                         snapped off since I don’t typically see                                                                                                                                                what he sees!)

#7: I stop eating the minute I no longer taste what I’m eating. This is a biggie for women! How many times do we keep licking that ice cream, eat that 5th cookie or drink our 3rd or 4th glass of wine without remembering how it tastes? I know I’ve done it so it’s gotta be true! I made a decision a long time ago to enjoy what I’m eating or drinking no matter what it is and for me, when that pleasure is no longer present I simply put down whatever it is I have in my hand. No deprivation or denial. Just a whole lotta awareness about what I’m doing!

#8: When I eat I’m eating with enjoyment. Oh, now this is a biggie for so many women that initially come to see me. Food that is healthy isn’t usually enjoyable and the stuff that is “sinful” or “off the diet” is the stuff that calms them down on a Friday afternoon around 5:30pm when they’ve left the office and had enough of being “good”.

#9. On days that I feel stressed or super tired I know all “rules” go out the window and all I focus on is self care and doing things that bring me energy since I know my body is tired and will be looking for sugar more than usual!!


What I teach that I find no one else is really doing is HOW TO TUNE IN to your body while eating a diet meant for YOU. Even if it’s that kale salad that Dr. Oz swears will help that arthritis in your right hand or your lower back. Don’t do it if it doesn’t make you feel good! Eat what you enjoy and watch the temptation for foods you used to crave go out the window…along with that dam kale salad with EVOO and sliced almonds :).


And should your cravings, energy or health not be exactly where you’d like it to be and you know deep in your heart that it’s more than just exercise that will get you there now is the time to do something about it for real

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Till next time…

Inspiring You!

Jenn Edden, CHHC
Sugar Cravings Expert + Founder, The Sugar Freedom Method TM

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