Inflammation is SUCH an under discussed topic of conversation amongst doctors, hospitals, pain clinics, spine surgeons, dermatologists and might I be so bold as to say cancer centers.

I recently met a woman who had cancer and was beyond disheartened to learn from me that cancer cells feed on sugar. Her doctor had never told her about the importance of cleaning up her diet. I met another woman who never knew that a majority of our neurotransmitters are made in our GUT and that depression can very much be a gut imbalance therefore taking antidepressants is doing nothing but “bandaid-ing” the issue at best.

I would know! I struggled with bouts of depression and mild anxiety as a kid and well into my 20’s and man was my gut out of whack ridden with bad bacteria, parasites and candida!

I was recently asked by a reporter to talk about inflammation as a sugar addiction expert.

I wanted to share with you the questions they asked me so you too can get a handle on your inflammation (we all have it!)… it comes in all shapes and sizes but what I’ve found is that it’s the underlying cause of all dis-ease and symptoms in the body. Arthritis, MS, Alzheimers, Neuro issues,

Once I help my clients learn to eat less processed foods (without denial) and reduce their sugar (in a way that’s manageable) their swollen ankles, migraines, fat around the middle, acne, constipation, depression and rashes start to lessen and disappear.

Question 1: What are some small habits that can increase inflammation in the body?

Small habits like grabbing a bag of chips for a quick snack versus grabbing a piece of organic fruit will increase inflammation in the body. Processed foods are loaded with sugar and sugar is high inflammatory in the body, not to mention most oils are inflammatory! Staying up late watching TV and getting less than 7 hours of sleep can increase inflammation In the body even if you’re eating all the “Right” foods.

Reading food labels and avoiding foods that have sugar in the ingredients.Cane sugar is one of the most well known sugars but a quick google search will prove that sugar has over 100 other names. Cane sugar, in particular, is not only genetically modified and highly addictive but it’s highly inflammatory!!

Question 2: Are there some habits you should avoid because they increase inflammation in the body?

Inflammation is a natural process the body has in place to protect itself from infection and foreign substances. Inflammation is acute or chronic. Acute inflammation is experienced when you get sick and your lymph nodes get swollen. That’s the body fighting infection. Eventually the lymph nodes return to normal after the body has fought off the infection and healing has occurred .

Or you twist your ankle and it becomes enlarged and puffy for a bit. That’s the body working it’s magic to open up blood flow to the injury. Chemicals released by immune cells heal the ankle and eventually  the swelling is reduced and all is back to normal.
Chronic inflammation Is when there is a continual “invasion” in the body caused by improper diet, chemicals in the air, water and food,cigarette smoke, out of balance gut health and mental cues that cause stress. The body is never off of high alert and starts to deteriorate seen in chronic inflammation diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn’s Disease. To avoid these preventable degenerative diseases you need to keep your inflammation in check.

Question 3: Are there any habits that quickly reduce inflammation in the body?


  • Reading food labels and reducing the amount of chemicals in your food.
  • Eating MORE organic fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Getting 7 + hours of sleep by going to bed before 11pm so the body can repair itself at night.
  • Eating 100% grassfed/grassfinished beef over cattle fed GMO feed and kept in tiny feedlots. The quality of that meat is poor and inflammatory. Heck reducing meat all together has been shown to reduce inflammation so a little less meat would be great.
  • Watching the kind of oils you use to cook your food (avocado oil, coconut oil, red palm oil don’t become inflammatory the way seed oils do and canola and peanut oil do. Buying extra virgin olive oil in dark glass bottles and cold pressed organic is best. Even then you should only use EVOO on salads and to quickly saute as EVOO has a low smoke point and can become inflammatory to the body quickly unlike coconut, avocado and red palm fruit oil!)



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