What does allergy season mean to you?

Wait what? What’s allergy season? It’s a little annoying for most but they usually just take Claritin or a Zyrtec.


Dam allergy season.

Did you know allergy season isn’t really a season. It’s simply a heads up from your body that you need to detox those fabulous emunctories! I bet you never heard of emunctories…mean neither until a few years ago..

Emunctories describes organ systems or ducts with the physiological function that involves draining or removing waste materials from the body.  

An emunctory, most simply, is a “route of elimination”. We’ve got the lungs, kidneys, liver, intestines and skin!

By doing small things every day you can help keep your emunctories open.

You can start small like adding some warm water and a squeeze of lemon every am. Or a shot of fire cider OR a shot of plain ol’ apple cider in the morning before breakfast. Whoohah!

If that doesn’t feel like enough and you have physical symptoms of toxicity such as mucus production, a lingering cough, joint pain, possibly bowel disturbances such as constipation then considering a detox is a good next step.

Here’s one I recommend to clients and it’s simple, effective and easy to follow. 

Sometimes feeling blue is a sign that the body and mind are overloaded as well. Yup. I’ve used that same easy step by step 10 day detox to help relieve the mind and get you feeling your best self again! You can check it out here. Detoxing the body is the single best way to get out of poor eating habits and jump start my metabolism to start burning fat again. It helps you focus on staying hydrated, eating clean and getting rest. All which help put you in a better mood fast!

And I couldn’t help but add 2 more of my favorite ways to help kick “allergy season” and get you feeling + looking your best self this summer.

Clear the clutter.

I talk about this at length in my book: Woman Unleashed  Clutter is a sure fire way to give you the blues. It clogs not only your closets and drawers, but also your mind. I go into some detail about how I keep my house tidy without having to clean all the time…it’s not that hard if you do the initial work. And I promise you will notice the effects.


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Get moving.

This might be one you’ve heard before. When we get moving, ie. exercise, it gets the blood flowing, and for sure helps move those accumulated toxins out of your cells (um, cellulite anyone?) and into your bloodstream where it can then get filtered out of your body!

And when I say get moving I don’t mean to go out and run 5 miles or get on a stairmaster for 45 minutes (remember those things!). I’m talking about getting outside and getting fresh air into your lungs and allowing blood to circulate throughout your body. That alone will get those happy hormones flowing you back to happy + help alleviate allergy symptoms.




After learning that there are things you can do to reduce the severity of allergies what is one thing you plan to do differently as a result of reading this today?  I’d love to know about it in the comments below!

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Did you know allergy season isn't really a season. It's simply a heads up from your body that you need to detox those fabulous emunctories! I bet you never heard of emunctories...mean neither until a few years ago. . .

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