With the holidays upon us and the rush rush rush of the season I find it so easy to let your immune system run low and for you to catch “something”. The remedy is not always what you think….

Here is a real personal story of mine that reminded me of the power of trusting your gut.

So the other day I walked into an urgent care center in my town after not having visited a doctor or been very sick in years. I mean like eight years.

Yes. I. Did.

Doctor: What brings you in here?

Me: My throat is on fire and my homeopathic doctor who works right up the street, Dr. Stephen Atkins, says I need an antibiotic. None of my natural remedies are working for the past 4 days. I need something stronger.

Doctor: Ok let me take a look. Hmmm yeah it’s red and white ish but it doesn’t look that bad. If it does get worse though and I see a little puss it could become an abscess. But we won’t know for days and then I will have to send you into special surgery.

(oh really?!? My homeopathic Doctor with 38 yrs experience practicing, who doesn’t love meds said my throat’s a f*cking mess and I need an antibiotic now). Obviously I love him. He curses and no I did not say it that way to the doc. I have class.


Doctors: well strep test came back negative so no antibiotic needed.

Me: Tears. I need one. I can’t function. My throat is on fire and I know I need one. He tested me on this machine in his office that shows it’s bacterial. I haven’t been on antibiotics in over 7 years and I can just tell I need one.

Doctor: You know the latest research shows you can heal bacterial infections without antibiotics also. And I can give you a steriod to help with the inflammation.

Me: Really?!?! Are you kidding. No where in my 12 yrs as a health coach have I heard that and for sure the steroid will only drive my illness deeper into my body!

Doctor: Are you yelling at me? Why are you raising your voice?

Me: Because what you’re telling me won’t help me, only make me worse and I came here for help. Others come to you and don’t know what I know. Can I please have an antibiotic? I am in so much pain. My kids were sick for 2 weeks and they are better and now I want to be better quick. I never get sick and this is really hard.

(this part is NO JOKE)

Doctor: Well isn’t it nice to know how your kids feel when they get sick?

Me: Are you serious? Do you have kids.

Doctor: Yes. 2 and 4 yrs old.

Me: Ok well I have 3 and when they get sick I am the one who still takes care of everyone else PLUS myself. A little bit different. My husband is a help but at the end of the day it’s me.

Doctor: Yes. I can see that. (smart woman).

Me: So can I have that antibiotic please. And I am sorry I raised my voice.

Doctor: You know it kills everything off.

Me: Yes. I just got 100B strain probiotic to help counter that while I take it.

Doctor: What do you need that for?

Me: (Clearly at this point I’m done for those who know anything about taking a probiotic to counter the effects of the antibiotic killing off everything. It’s rule 1 or your gut is eff’d for life).

Just ask me how many antibiotics I was on as a kid and my mom didn’t know better and how bad my sugar cravings were and when I healed my gut and ate right how they went away.

Hence my work as a sugar addiction specialist 12 yrs. This sh*t is personal people.

And so is fixing the broken health care system.

Together we are wise and strong.

P.S. After I heal on the antibiotic I will write a kind letter to the doctor thanking her for the antibiotic and should she come across anyone else in her office telling them what they think they need, because patients know themselves best, to please LISTEN.

Listening is an art NOT a degree you hang on the wall. Thank you Institute for Integrative Nutrition for teaching me that distinction all those years ago.

I hope this encourages you to question your Dr. if what they say isn’t lining up with what your gut is telling you. And to make sure you have done your own research before going in. Read More: Immune Building Must Do’s For A Flu Free Winter


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