Jenn’s Immune Building MUST DO’S for 

A Flu Free Winter 

(and so you can have more fun!)

I find this time of year that the common cold and worse yet, the FLU and bronchitis,
are always looming somewhere in the back of many people’s minds
as if we have NO control over whether or not we get it.

So we secretly pray that maybe this year it will “pass us up!”

Well, if this sounds like something you struggle with during the
colder months then you’re gonna simply L-O-V-E this article because my focus
is on increasing your immunity so you feel EMPOWERED and IN CONTROL of your own health
and that of your family ,if you’ve got one!!


1.INCREASE soups and organic fruits and veggies and DECREASE

processed food which includes but is not limited to crackers, chips &
anything that comes in a box…all for the sake of keeping you healthy this winter.

I can’t say enough how this has worked for my family. We never get the flu or anything
worse than a fever or a bad cold. No ear infections, no allergies. Nothing.

Processed foods weaken the immune system so next time you’re reaching for a bag of chips
at 3pm consider grabbing an organic apple with a smear of peanut butter
and help your body keep you healthy!


2. MORE fluids of just plain ol’ filtered water.

In the winter months we tend to sweat less and therefore staying hydrated
isn’t on the forefront of our minds! Herbal tea is another good option to increase fluids
if water just won’t cut it. Juice is basically sugar water which suppresses the immune system
so I always water it down if I’m gonna have a sip (or if my kids request it)
and make it organic to avoid unnecessary pesticides in the fruit,
which also weakens the immune system.






3. TAKE a good probiotic to keep the gut healthy which is where your immunity lives.

I always recommend Metagenics brand to all my clients because of their high
quality and low cost. It’s a great deal and there is a great kid
chewable version as well-it’s got at least 10B strands of good active bacteria
which really helps keep the gut humming! So many brands are inactive and
ineffective so don’t trust just anything you see.

You can check out the info here at www.

On the homepage you can see what my family and I take every day for
probiotics and multivitamins. I also like Renew Life Brand probiotics for
reliable potency but I find the price tag to be a bit high and we go through
probiotics rather quickly in our household!

Did you know? When we are on antibiotics it is especially important to take a good
probiotic since the antibiotic’s job it to kill off everything good and bad in the gut!

The probiotic puts the good stuff back in and helps to build up the immune system.


4. SLOW down the schedule in the winter.


I know….Adults as well as kids need time to relax and give the body a rest every day.
And when you catch a cold the body needs time to heal which can only happen
when we are not running around. I can’t tell you ho

w many times I’ve seen people
get a cold and then it becomes bronchitis because they

Simply didn’t give the body time to repair itself. Get to bed earlier when you are sick!






5. Incorporate MORE immune building foods into your diet.

When we incorporate more foods daily that support the body in fighting infection
we are setting ourselves up to win in the immune system depleting winter months
…also known as the sweet tooth time of year.

Examples include, green and tulsi tea, garlic, chlorella, blueberries and
raspberries, coconut oil, herbs such as cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric and
oregano and fermented foods such as pickles and olives!

And my absolute favorite immune building tip EVER…….


Image result for family hugging

6. More daily hugs and kisses. Immunity increases for sure when we’re feeling the LOVE!

Need I say more? This once kinda speaks for itself. Feeling loved is sooo good
for the immune system. It lowers cortisol levels (your stress hormone) which
also helps with weight loss and cravings!

Ok, that’s all for now….cheers to a flu free and cravings free winter!

Inspiring you always,

Sugar Cravings Expert, Speaker & Biz Coach

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