Is your anxiety getting the best of you?

You might be thinking what is a sugar addiction coach doing talking about anxiety? After all, don’t I handle sugar and cravings?


And at the same time a majority of women suffer from low levels of anxiety and sugar cravings, myself included and especially those in high powered positions such as executives/managers + biz owners.

It’s almost like all responsibility is forcing you to find your voice and use it….but if you use it too much you’re a b*tch and if you don’t use it enough you feel like a doormat. For sure that can cause anxiety!

As for me, well, ok I used to suffer from uncontrollable anxiety which is one of the topics I talk about. Once I figured it out and no longer would wake up in a pissy mood for no apparent reason, I had to go on a mission to help other women.

Here’s a quick look at one solution I’ve created to solve this 8 Week Group Program!

Did I ever tell you I would be awake by 4:30am with ideas floating around in my head on how I could help? Crazy right? When I first stared my biz 14 years ago I would literally wake up and not be able to go back to sleep like something was trying to be born. I know-crazy! But not really.

Skip to the bottom of this post if you want the deets on my brand new, never offered before, 8 week beta group program starting in April!!! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!!

You see sugar + anxiety go hand in hand and very few people I know talk about that. There are people who talk about anxiety and certain supplements or remedies to handle it but I find the root cause never really gets addressed so as soon as you stop the supplement or drug the anxiety simply resurfaces!

Plain and simple sugar consumption is directly related to feelings of anxiety, restlessness and mood swings- ooohhhhhhhhhhhh you don’t want to see me the day after I eat cane sugar. It is so hard not to feel lousy and grumpy. Truth!

I was an absolute wreck of a kid. Always nervous. Always sweating. Always biting my nails. Always having a stomach ache!

As an adult I’d wake up and for no apparent reason I’d feel anxious. Do you know that one?

  • You basically talk yourself out of bed because people are relying on you.
  • Or when you yell at your kids but you don’t mean to you just feel agitated so you’re taking it out on them.
  • Or my least favorite yet all too familiar anxiety that is “generalized” and lasts for days. It quietly hovers in the background and everything you eat and drink you question.
  • You question your goals.

So here’s the good news about all of this…

I’ve got 2 categories I’ve put anxiety in to help you take the baby steps needed to go from making anxiety fixable to down right preventable!!!

Should you relate to any of this or know a friend who could use this information please don’t keep it a secret. Share me!!

Anxiety IS Fixable

Most people I know are in the “Anxiety is fixable” category so let’s start there and move into the preventable category! I know many many women that are working very very hard to manage their anxiety. I find that most solutions being tried don’t work so here are my solutions that DO WORK. After all I only teach and do things that work!

  • Check in on how much sleep you’re getting on weeks you feel super anxious. Find a way to get to bed a little earlier. Force yourself if need be :). Sleep makes everything better.
  • Is there something that recently happened that’s still on your mind? You know that conversation with an employee, spouse or family member that didn’t go so well. If so, this can definitely we the cause of unsettled feelings..also known as anxiety. See if you can have a conversation with that person to make it better.
  • Too much sugar or caffeine in your diet these days? This for sure will make your heart race and give someone anxiety…it’s not your fault. It’s actually the stuff you’re eating and drinking so do your best to slowly reduce that 3rd cup of coffee with some green tea and that afternoon sugary snack with an apple. You’d be amazed at the difference it can make!
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Anxiety IS Preventable

Moving out of anxiety fixing mode into anxiety prevention mode is a whole other baby! Now you’ve got to start being more conscious on a daily basis so that you don’t allow yourself to get to the point of anxiety….it can be done! I would know, I live it….

  • You have a set bed time and you generally stick to it knowing that good night’s sleep of 7-8 hrs will help you wake feeling refreshed and not so reliant on outside stimulants like coffee and sugar! This alone has made a huge difference in so many women’s lives.
  • You monitor your relationships and make a conscious effort to spend less time with those who you don’t feel your best self around! Nothing like having a new biz idea or bold goal that you throw out into the world only to be squashed and doubted by fear filled “friends”. Thank you, no thank you.
  • You start replacing your processed snacks at work and for sure before bedtime with real food. Nothing like a few carrots or sliced apple, pickles, cut up oranges, a few nitrate free turkey slices, 1/2 avocado eaten right out of the skin, some frozen mango (my kids’ favorite!!), handful of pumpkin seeds, or raw macadamia nuts to make you feel satisfied and anxiety free. And all of what I mentioned is REAL FOOD. Yup…nothing packed or processed there.
  • You develop an exercise/movement routine that makes you feel good. I can’t tell you how much just getting your blood to flow throughout your body will do for your mood! It’s the best prozac you can get your hands on!!!

If you’re tired of figuring all this out on your own, come join us this April!! My brand spankin’ new 8 week group program- Woman Unleashed VIP- hit the streets last week and is filling like hot cakes … ok, ok. so maybe not like hot cakes…more like healthy, fruity, ice cold green smoothies!

Do you relate to any of these issues, if so, you can reach out to me to set up a complimentary breakthrough
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  • You question if your food choices will put weight on you
  • Obsess over the scale
  • Scared you’re going to gain weight
  • Never knowing what is truly healthy to eat
  • Want to feel more confident in your skin
  • Have a marriage that needs more spunk
  • Have mood swings you don’t know how to manage
  • Your energy sinks during the day
  • You overexercise to make up for the calories
  • You don’t feel like you fit in and that you’re the crazy one in the roomYou are super sensitive
  • You’d like to feel more in control of your life

*Weekly Group Calls will be recorded so you can listen if you miss it.

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I’m only taking 10 sassy, sensitive women so if you can relate please reach out and schedule a complimentary breakthrough call so we can see if what I’m offering is a good fit!


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