Truth! A few of my prospective clients have been scale worshipers. You know, depending on what the number said that day would determine how you were going to feel!! Ugh. I SO remember those days. I felt like I was making progress right up until I took off all my clothes and did that one two step onto my beloved trusted scale.

You know the drill-yes?

You wake up secretly trying to be “good” for at least a few days, maybe a week, maybe might I even say (gasp) a month! You’ve said no to drinking wine at night, to cookies your mom made, to that bread at dinner that everyone else was eating. You’ve been eating salads and grilled chicken and very little dressing and all your hopes and dreams of dropping that extra weight are riding on that number on the scale you’re about to read.

Scale Worshiper

You feel nervous.

What if the number only moves a few pounds? All that sacrifice! What if it (gasp) doesn’t move at all or worse yet…. GOES UP! You can’t bare to think about it yet you feel a compulsion to step on the scale anyway because for whatever reason you’d rather know than not know!

If you are thinking “holy sh*t Jenn it’s like you’re in my head” it’s because I am. Or better yet I used to be.


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That woman used to be me for more years then I care to talk about. The good news is that I figured out how to get that woman out of my head so I’m hear to help get her out of yours.

I’ve got some practical, useful tips to help get you to a better place about the scale. But before I do that let me include a quick side note that most women simply do not understand about the scale. The scale doesn’t measure fat you think you just put on from eating that carb rich dinner last night? The scale doesn’t measure that night out drinking and late night eating that now is showing up as a 5lb increase in fat. The scale is really showing the INCREASE in water your body just took on from protecting itself from the food and drink you just enjoyed. The water represents the inflammation your body is experiencing therefore I always tell clients to give it a few days of clean eating to keep inflammation at a minimum and working out to sweat out the toxins and excess water and the scale will naturally do back down…and not cause you just burned off 5 lbs of fat but because you gave it what it needed to feel safe and protected and back in balance!

Ok now back to your regularly scheduled program (and my tips on to stop relying on the scale….:)

WARNING: Don’t expect things to magically change tomorrow once you try my suggestions. These things take time…which brings me to…


Change, especially lasting weight loss takes time. You didn’t get to where you are in a few days so why the heck do you think you can get out of that place in a few days. It’s just not fair to you. Patience is needed.


Why would you let a number on a scale RULE you? You are better than that. Maybe you didn’t feel like you got enough love or security growing up so you retreated to the scale for some security (at least I can control that number)! Maybe you were in abusive relationship so that voice of  “I’m no good” is a familiar one and every time you see the scale not go down it reinforces that old stale belief.

Take a look. See where it’s coming from that you would give your power away to a hunk of plastic with a battery and some numbers that tell you NOTHING about your self worth or if you’re really losing body fat. Yup.


The scale does NOT tell you if you lost fat or inches. It basically tells you if you retained water that day or not. YUP. I can’t tell you how many times a client will injure themselves from working out and get on the scale the next day to discover they put on 5 lbs! Wait! What?!  Yup again.

When your body gets injured it rushes fluid to the area to help cushion the blow. Guess what that does to the scale? It makes it go up and NOT because you put on fat but because you’ve retained water.

Same goes for those who eat bread one evening and then out of guilt get on the scale the next day to see a 3 lb weight gain! They then reinforce an old belief that you can’t have fun and lose weight. It must be hard. “See! I can’t even enjoy myself one day and I stay fat!”.


Take a look at your self talk– you know the stuff that no one else can hear but you’re saying to yourself ALL day long. Yeah that stuff. The day I took hold of what I was secretly telling myself is the day my whole life changed. I mean my whole life.


Go have fun. I find scale worshipers take themselves and the scale waaaay too seriously. see it for what it is and go have fun. Take a dance class to burn up some calories while having fun. Skip zumba and meet a friend for a bike ride. Switch up your routine and make sure you’re enjoying the activities you’ve chosen to be active!

AND with anything I share I always remind everyone to PICK 1 SUGGESTION and do it for a week or longer until it feels more natural and then go on to the next suggestion. Adding too much newness to one’s life is a sure fire way to get overwhelmed.

Now go have some fun, laugh a little bit more and fo’ sure when you get back on that scale (because lord knows you’re not ready to throw it out yet like I’ve done) SMILE before you get on it and tell it “YOU NO LONGER RULE ME. I GOT THIS!”


Scale Worshiper 2


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