If you’re a mom and you love your coffee this one’s for you!

And I can promise you that I will not be preaching about getting off the coffee bean. As a health and empowerment coach for over a decade, I’ve learned what does and does not work.

And preaching to the choir DOES NOT WORK.

What I do find that works is pointing out the less than obvious things that go on in the world as they relate to health, feeling empowered and maximizing one’s potential while they spend what feels like a short amount of time on this glorious planet.

I’ve discovered over the years from trial and error and more trial and error and then even more trial and error that coffee and child birth have a lot in common.

Yup. Stay with me here!

I, like anyone else out there, loves a good cup of coffee. I’m not talking about that gas station sludge they sell to commuters who just need to chug down some caffeine so they can make it to work and¬†be able to function.

I’m talking about that cup of coffee that was freshly brewed in a local coffee joint where you’ve got options like hemp, rice or soy milk for your latte :).

Where the barista is obviously enjoying her coffee making duties and hands you a cup o joe that was made with love….you can just taste it in every sip.

Ok so maybe you’re wondering what peace pipe I’m smoking to have an experience like that, but for those who have had that experience, you know what I’m talking about. The coffee just tastes gooooood, like really good.

But I digress.

For so many coffee drinkers there is an underlying thought that they could not get through a day¬†without their morning caffeine. They know how they’re going to feel at 3pm when that afternoon crash comes and for them, coffee is the remedy.


What I have found so so interesting is that on days/weeks/months I’ve gone without drinking coffee in the morning and switched to a cleaner diet with fresh fruits and veggies and high protein dinners and smart snacks without any refined carbs that only drain you of energy (like chips, cookies, crackers, white potatoes, pasta, bread and even white rice (think sushi)) I don’t hit that same low point that I do when I drink coffee.

It’s as if the coffee makes me crash HARDER at 3pm. Yup.

Don’t take my word for it. You’ve gotta try it yourself, but the key is to give it a few days…

Take out the coffee and in a few days you don’t actually NEED IT.

Cool, eh?

It’s as if the coffee exhausts you lower than if you just allowed yourself to feel tired so you drink coffee and then you wake up so tired that you must have more! Truth be told, the natural feeling of being tired is NO WHERE NEAR the tired/exhaustion one feels after drinking coffee.

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When I discovered this I totally understood why people around me were BAFFLED, like ball scratching confused, when I told them I am raising 3 kids, writing a book, running a household and a biz on virtually no caffeine.

They were like ….WAIT! WHAT?!?

I had the same exact reaction when I told people I birthed my 3 kids naturally. You know, 3 vaginal births without any “pain” medication or the need to be induced (so what if I had to wait 2 weeks past that infamous “due date” for my second child to arrive).

There went that ball scratching look again!

Then it hit me and it hit me hard after talking to moms who chose the route of being induced out of concern for their unborn child’s health or per the concern of their doctors busy schedule (don’t get me started on this and for sure let me be clear that there is no judgement on how a women chooses to have her kids enter the world. The choice is up to them. I always say healthy mamma, healthy baby) that all labor pains are not created equal!

Nope. And that my mom friends is how I did it three times and am living to tell my story.

You see, natural child birth “pain” is manageable if you don’t get induced and have pitocin pumped into you. Pitocin, the inducing drug almost guarantees you will need an epidural to handle the labor pains because they come on strong and fast without giving the uterus (and you) time to build up the tolerance for the contractions. Natural child birth contractions build on themselves so by the time you are ready to birth the baby you’re so numb down there from the build up of pressure all you can think is BABY OUT :).

When I started sharing that with other moms they got to stop that comparison game. It’s not a good game to play anyway.

Then I put it all together.

If you drink coffee, you hit rock bottom around 3pm which requires you to drink more coffee to sustain the artificial energy. And if you get induced and have pitocin pumped in you, you pretty much have to get an epidural to sustain the labor pains.

And that my friends is my 2 cents on natural energy and natural childbirth.

Take from it what you will just promise me you will feel good in the process.


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