That is some topic of discussion-eh? I hear it brought up all the time in my practice so I decided it’s time I talk about it. Thyroid (and even breast) health is such a huge concern for so many women I know…things like hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, goiters, cysts and breast cancer are so much more prevalent than I ever remember them being.

For those who live locally, they blame the water on Long Island. Others blame the food. Some blame all the radiation and tests they need to undergo and how that alone can cause cystic breasts. I believe it’s a combination of everything and for sure the busy schedules with not a lot of down time and the added stress of just living.

If you didn’t hear, News 12 recently reached out to me to do a piece on IODINE! I know, what? Iodine. What is it exactly and why is it important? I mean, didn’t your mom just use that stuff when you were a kid and got a cut. She put some of that yellow stuff in a dropper and put it on your cut and the next day it got better.

Yeah. I’m talking about that stuff and actually Iodione isn’t a mineral as some would think, it’s considered an element and our bodies do not make it YET we need it for almost every basic function in our body.

It’s important for Thyroid as I just mentioned as well as breast health. Iodine is responsible for regulating the amount of estrogen in our breasts. Not enough iodine? Yes, that’s right, you’ll have too much estrogen floating around which as you may know is not good.

Iodine is responsible for supporting metabolism, helping with dry skin (aging too quick?), brain health (got brain fog?) and yes it prevents cancer, telling those cells with are cancerous to die (also known as apoptosis) while preserving the healthy cells.

Crazy right!? I know.

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When News 12 called and asked for my support I did some research on the stuff and here’s what I learned…pull up a seat and take a deep breath.

Things to know about Iodine

  • Iodine used to be in bread before 1970 as an easy way to get iodine into our bodies. Who didn’t eat bread back then??
  • In the 1970’s a study was published in a major medical journal with very little to no research that iodine was bad for you so medical schools no longer taught about the benefits of iodine. At the same time, call it a coincidence, they added bromine to breads to help with anti caking stuff in the processing. Bromine just happens to fight for the same EXACT receptors with iodine in our bodies especially in our thyroid so given how much bromine we not have in our bodies the little bit of iodine we do eat (will get you a list of iodine rich foods in a sec) iodine is no longer readily absorbed by the body.
  • It turns out bromine is in EVERYTHING. lawn care, bread, leave in conditioners, bronzers (my favorite!), fire retardant PJs, our mattresses, chemicals in our food and PLASTIC…and the list goes on and on and on.

Here I am with the News 12 host!

Great ways to get MORE iodine into our bodies



  • Go organic now!
  • Look for non brominated breads.
  • Throw out all plastic and use only glass to store everything.
  • Reduce what you buy in plastic- more glass (all my nut butters and honey etc


  • Seaweed
  • Cranberries
  • Eggs
  • 100% grass fed yogurt
  • Wild alaskan cod
  • Organic strawberries
  • Sea salt
  • Nitrate free turkey breast

Keeping yourself healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or over the top. I always tell my clients to keep the stuff that resonates with you, take action on it and let go of the rest.



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Thyroid Health. That is some topic of discussion-eh? I hear it brought up all the time in my practice so I decided it's time I talk about it.

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