Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s talk love + food! Those 2 words just go together let’s be honest. 🙂

After all I’m Italian, I love to eat and I’m passionate about helping people decode this whole food mystery we so often find ourselves trying to figure out.


  • If I had a dollar for every person that’s approached me asking what’s good to eat, what’s not.
  • What will help them burn fat and what will make them fat.
  • What is the best thing to eat for breakfast and what’s an evening snack that won’t cause me to gain weight.
  • How do I know if I’m eating the right foods.
  • What do I think about milk.
  • How about gluten.
  • What do I eat. Do I ever diet.
  • How do I stay in shape all year long.

Many people assume it’s a challenge, struggle, some weird diet craze or that I must be feeling deprived with how I eat.

Truth. I’m not. I’m actually quite satisfied and proud of how I eat.

Other truth. I’m always changing up my diet with the seasons, with what my body is asking me to eat, with how much energy I have, with how much I’ve exercised this week and with how healthy I feel!

Notice I didn’t say I change up how I eat depending on my MOOD 🙂 My mood does not dictate what I eat (on most days). That’s for another blog post for another day, stay tuned.

SO you might be thinking, how does this relate to me and what I should be eating?

I know, tough question to truly answer if I’m being honest and straight up. Most people want to sell you a diet plan, diet advice, supplements to get you slim, a program that you follow for life that is the “answer”. Truth is that a healthy diet doesn’t come in a cookie cutter program.

Don’t get me wrong there are things you can do to stay healthy like reducing meat and dairy while adding in more vegetables. That’s a basic one but which meat do you take out and how much dairy and which veggies should you incorporate.


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AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh all those questions.

Here are my guidelines for knowing what to eat including my personal favorite snacks (and no, you won’t find anything processed on that list. Processed food disguised as health food has no “regular” place in my diet and since people snack on a regular basis you won’t find those things on my list!).

Incorporate protein into your breakfast. Period.

Protein works wonders to get the mind sharp and keep it that way. Carbs don’t generally do that, they create the opposite effect of making you feel sluggish in your mind and body right around 10am 🙂 What kind of protein you might be thinking? Well, if it’s going to be meat, it better be organic. The added hormones and chemicals in foods build up in our bodies and make them sick and fat. There is no other way to say it.

NOTICE how you feel an hour after you eat, if you feel energized, you know you ate a breakfast that works for you right now. If you feel sluggish, take out the processed carbs and see how you feel. I personally make a smoothie every morning with a nut butter, hemp seeds and an organic powder called Superphactor that I get from my local Phountain Health Store. If you want to skip the powder then add some organic frozen fruit like 1/2 banana or frozen strawberries with almond butter, hemp seeds, water, ice and blend and enjoy. Switch up hemp seeds for chia seeds and you are power packing your smoothie. When I get tired of that I scramble some eggs in grassfed butter with 1/2 avocado and call it a morning.

Add vegetables to as many meals as possible.

You can not go wrong with this recommendation. The only issue I see is that people order vegetables out and don’t know what kind of oil their veggies are cooked in which are mostly inflammatory to the body and crush your metabolism so be sure to tell them to use extra virgin olive oil, not the “blended” stuff. They’ll know. Oh and make it organic whenever possible, especially those veggies found on the dirty dozen list. I personally add raw kale to my morning smoothie mentioned above and whatever veggies are leftover from dinner to my eggs. I can’t get enough veggies in me.

Watch the sneaky processed carbs that are marketed as healthy.

Truth be told, ANYTHING in a wrapper is processed so if you simply eat LESS things that require you to unwrap them, unbox them, use a knife to access you will naturally get healthy (and slimmer). I don’t care what the box says about whole grain, whole this, whole that, no added sugar, no artificial flavors…it’s those EXACT items you need to read labels on. I can pretty much guarantee there is a natural flavor added (which by the way is up to 100 chemicals!! What?! Yup.)

Get used to eating things that go bad…see snack list below 🙂 If you think about it, if you eat something that has an expiration date of 2 years how long does it take your body to break it down in your body? And what happens to the stuff that your body can’t break down? Can anyone say cellulite? Tummy rolls? Back fat? Migraines? I sure can!

Take a look at your ancestry!

What did you family members eat back in the day? Usually going back to your roots is the way to go. The worst thing that you can do is move to another country and start adopting their diet without continuing to incorporate foods from your heritage. Your body has cells that are thousands of years old passed on from generation to generation and they require the nutrients they started with. As an Italian I feel my best eating broccoli rabe, zucchini, garlic, olive oil and eggplant if I don’t over do it!

Of course having pasta and bread comes with the heritage but truth be told, after I healed my leaky gut, I had not problem having some pasta and bread and cheese from time to time… even PIZZA! It’s when I overdo it, eat it every day, have it too many times/week that a problem sets it. What I’m talking about is when a Japanese person comes to live in the US and stops eating their fish, seaweed, rice and noodle dishes they grew up with and adopts an American diet. No way they will feel their best. So take a look at your ancestry and start there.

As promised here’s my personal snack list that me and my kids enjoy!

  • 1/2 frozen banana with 1 TBL nut butter. Yummmmm
  • Chickpeas with sea salt (rinse out of the can and store in airtight glass container)
    handful of carrots and hummus (Costco has a good one. NO canola oil please)
  • Organic nitrate free turkey slices rolled up with hummus or mustard
  • Organic apple (we eat about one/day if not more)
  • Organic popcorn (buy organic kernels, heat coconut oil in a pan, after kernels pop add sea salt and enjoy!)
  • Organic grassfed yogurt with hemp seeds, chia seeds, raw walnuts or just eat it plain
  • Organic celery and green mountain medium salsa (not all salsa is created equal)
  • Grain free granola! It’s delish. Paleonola granola is a great brand.


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Here are my guidelines for knowing what to eat including my personal favorite snacks (and no, you won't find anything processed on that list. Processed food disguised as health food has no "regular" place in my diet and since people snack on a regular basis you won't find those things on my list!).

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