I wanted you to know I’m thinking about you during this time of what feels and looks like world wide panic.

Just like I wouldn’t tell my Sugar Freedom Method members to not eat sugar because that only leads to wanting to eat MORE sugar I’m not going to tell you to not be scared.

I woke up and felt compelled to share with you my family’s prevention and recovery strategies we use for ALL viruses so that you feel safe.

And for the record despite the news calling Covid-19 a disease, the Coronavirus is a virus too!


    • Given that the coronavirus is a virus we need to first take measures to arm our bodies to defend us.
    • Elderberry, vitamin c, zinc, vit d, a good quality multi vitamin, good quality probiotics. When buying supplements there is more junk than quality out there so educate yourself. We personally use New Chapter brand supplements, Nordic Naturals and Pure encapsulation brands. For my kids I mostly use Garden of Life and Renew Life!

(Important note: by no means am I here to sell you anything during this time of crisis. Buy quality supplements where ever you can and please know if you want to shop online my community members can get 10% off! I say compare and save! Just create an account and start saving.)

    • Stay hydrated by drinking water. A well hydrated body is a healthy body.
    • Go to bed early. A rested body is a body that can fight off a virus much better than a tired body.
    • Watch your thoughts. Mental stress lowers your immune system.
    • Manage your sugar and processed food intake. If cravings are really off the charts- I get it! Then simply eat fruit. Frozen or fresh. 1 tsp of sugar knocks out your immune system for hours!! Don’t leave yourself defenseless.


    • If you get the virus you need rest, rest, rest, rest. Did I mention rest.
    • You also need hydration so drink more water than you’re used to drinking.
    • Eat soupy foods to give your digestive system a break while giving yourself nutrients. Vegetable broth or chicken soup is super smart and very easy to make. Seriously. It basically involves throwing veggies in a pot of water and cooking till soft. Add salt and pepper to taste and done. Want chicken soup? 1/2 way through cooking the veggies add some pre cooked and cut up grilled chicken and let all the flavors meld together.
    • Less electronics. Electronics lower our immune system by giving off radiation. Sometimes just closing your eyes helps them time pass.
    • Limit the news as it will only bring on more stressful thoughts lowering your body’s ability to fight the virus.
    • Doctors are trained to give meds so understand that if you go see yours. Get checked to make sure all is ok with your lungs and respiratory system in general. That’s no joke. Make sure you seek professional help if you’re concerned.

I’m here for my sugar fighting community 110%.



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