Today’s post hits home for me big time and for so many women who seek my support. For more years than I care to talk about I would set myself up to fail WITHOUT even knowing it.

Let me ask the question and feel free to share what comes up for you in the comments section below: Why do we set unattainable (and unsustainable) goals for ourselves?

First thing I usually get from a woman who comes to see me  is ” why can’t I just stick with a food plan I set for myself?” My answer is typically “It’s not your fault what’s been going on until now so let’s just take that answer off the table. Eh?”.

(Sigh. Deep breath. Moment of relief).

Well Jenn, you might be thinking “if it’s not my fault whose fault is it? I’m the one eating the junky snacks and going to the gym and not seeing results. I’m the one waking up cranky even tho I don’t want to be”

For starters it’s ALL we see on TV, read in magazine ads, watch other women doing who we think we want to be more like and for sure heard growing up!

  • Don’t like your skin, try this cream on TV.
  • Don’t like your lips, get botox like the Kardashians.
  • Don’t feel good, take this pill that your doctor recommends.
  • Your watch stopped working, just go buy a new one rather than try and get it fixed.
  • Aren’t thin enough like the girls on TV, buy an exercise machine from Richard Simmons (No I didn’t!!).
  • Don’t like your relationship and how it’s going, just leave like the celebs do.

AND we wonder why we are programmed for immediate gratitude and when we don’t get it we get frustrated, sad, cranky and usually angry at the WRONG person….ourselves.

It’s just not right and I’m taking a stand today to start reversing the wrong.

Here is a post from my private Woman Unleashed Facebook Group. I sometimes post personal stuff there that you won’t find anywhere else…today I decided to share it with you. Would you like to join us? Click here to request to join!

I saw something on TV last week about Susan Lucci being honored.

Susan clearly had plastic surgery, a very skinny unhealthy looking body and a super tanned face which got me thinking. Countless numbers of women are watching her and looking up to her for her accomplishments which I don’t deny her. Yet at the same time you know you can’t help but take a look at your own life and body and think “heck, here’s this woman being celebrated, I don’t look anywhere near how she looks!”.


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And if you’re thinking I don’t know Susan Lucci then go ahead and pic another celeb you like or one that your daughter or niece likes. I’m sure you can find some similarity to what I’m talking about.

Hold that thought…

Then this week as I was jumping rope, stretching and doing some lunges at the gym in the wee hours of the morning I looked around and noticed there were 2 other women who tend to be there with me a few days a week.

They happen to have rock hard bodies but they also had a hard look to them. They wore all black.  They were tanned and possibly had boob jobs  I know mine don’t quite look that perky … but I digress.

It got me thinking – why as a culture do we measure our self esteem and how good we feel about ourselves against a standard that isn’t even realistic, natural or frankly sustainable unless you k*ll yourself and obsess about every little morsel you eat?!

Don’t get me wrong I like to look good but some point the looking and feeling good tips over into an obsession that then robs us of who we are.

Don’t let that happen to you.

I know I’m going to be the stand for what it means to be a beautiful woman. Blue spotted tights, pink tank top, nice healthy thighs and little extra wiggle that no one seems to mind.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoor

And should you happen to be thinking what all this has to do with those dang SUGAR CRAVINGS that I claim to be an expert in solving… well….don’t they always seem to just come around just before 3pm and again after dinner?

Well, my friends, they are directly related to how good we feel about ourselves.

So many times cravings for sweets are a woman’s cry for something missing in their lives but they are just too busy running errands, supporting their kids, taking care of their clients or managing a biz that what they really want just isn’t that obvious and well….who has time to sit around to figure it out!

Guess what? That’s my job to figure it out!

Here I am after working out in the wee early hours of the morning with that pink top, spotted blue leggings and thighs that can take me down any mountain when skiing!


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Did you know I have a private FB group called Woman Unleashed. It’s where you can ask me questions and I will personally answer! Click here to request to join!


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