As a sugar junkie working in the field of health + wellness for over a decade I find that January can be a really really tricky time of year for so many women including myself!!

The rush from the holidays is over, the go go go, get more done has now taken a new twist and turn of go go go, yet you haven’t quite recovered from all the festivities from the holidays so you find yourself tired, yet wired because that go getter in you doesn’t want to slow down, better yet, it simply can’t slow down!

Does that sound familiar?

While it may have taken me more than half my lifetime to  figure this all out, the good news is, I’ve figured it out and can’t help but share with you what I tell my clients and what I actually do every January to find my RESET button after the holidays:

I take something off my plate that I usually do so that I make room to breathe.

TRUTH: I might order out more that first week after the holidays because cooking every meal is exhausting and mama needs to get back on track.

I get back into my exercise routine as quick as possible.

TRUTH: Routine in one part of my life brings routine to other parts of my life. Just by exercising regularly I find I then start to eat regularly.

I throw out all the unhealthy party foods still lingering in my house.

TRUTH: You are more likely to eat junk if you see junk lying around the house. it makes for an easy grab when you’re having a weak moment.

I go to bed 1/2 hr earlier than I normally would.

TRUTH: You burn fat when you sleep and the body detoxes when you sleep and most importantly your think better when you’re well rested. You know it’s true.

AND with all that said, if you know you’re the type of person that needs a little hand holding right before you make a change then you will be interested in what I’m offering this month!

I am gifting 5 Unleash Yourself Sessions in January.

During our 30 minute call, you will:

Understand HOW to kick the sugar cravings in a realistic way so you feel back in control of your eating asap!

Learn WHAT “healthy habits” are secretly zapping your energy, causing you to keep going back to the bread and unhealthy snacks that are keeping the extra weight on.

Create a doable PLAN of action customized to your life to manage your time, help you find and reset yourself daily and get off the hamster wheel of “I’ll try to be better tomorrow!”

A “reset” is a term I made up that defines an activity or action you take daily to help you break a habit and change your mindset very quickly.

If you’ve wanted to check out my work or receive valuable advice and guidance but were never quite sure how to go about doing it, these sessions are for you. No strings attached. Ever.

Click here to check out my calendar and  book our session

Until January 31 only, I’m gifting 5 of these sessions to YOU, my valued and adored readers.

I would love for one of those sessions to be yours if that feels right for you!

With support anything is possible!

P.S. If you’re on the fence that is usually a sign that we hit on something important today that you’ve been wanting to change. Take the leap of faith and reserve your spot. Click here and book your session now.

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