The inspiration for today’s post came from my usual visit to my local gym where I always wash + dry my hands after a workout and as I do that, I always see the SCALE on the floor. It just kinda stares at me, daring me each time to step on and let it tell me something that so many women base their self worth on..A NUMBER!

It might sound funny at first but a woman’s relationship with her scale is a real relationship for many many many women I know to the point where how successful and vibrant and confident they FEEL on any given day will depend on something as simple and silly (and very serious for most!) as a NUMBER ON A DEVICE that they assume is working properly that they step on in the morning.

Dare we consider stepping on a different scale than the one we’ve come to rely on for that number such as the one at the doctor’s office (why do they weigh us when we go visit???) or a relatives house where you will get a WHOLE DIFFERENT reading… for better or for worse we are stuck with that feeling of success or defeat.

I know it might sound super silly the way I broke it down but truth be told this is very real for many women I know and for me for countless numbers of years growing up.

We typically equate fat with a scale and how good or bad we ate on any given day. Truth be told what the scale really measures is inflammation and water weight. If you’ve eaten a lot of processed foods the scale will go up as the body protects itself from what you just ate by taking on water 🙂 and for sure if you’re dehydrated, sweating a lot due to hot weather and not drinking enough water the scale will go down!

YEP. Hence after eating sushi with soy sauce I noticed years ago that I could easily put on 2lbs of water weight for a day or 2 and then it goes back down. And if you are constipated, don’t even bother weighing yourself that day because the stools sitting in your colon can make you appear to have gained weight as well (yes it’s true!).

So what’s a girl to do about all this?

Well, breaking up is a first good step! 🙂

I bet you didn’t know that scale breakups is a focus of my work with so many brilliant, successful, kind, witty women that come to see me to learn to kick and manage cravings.. Here is an email I got from a dear client the other day…it’s when we become conscious of your action that real change happens.

“I’ve broken up with my scale. Funny how I’ll wake up in the morning, and go to that side of the room where the scale was only to realize I promised myself not to think about a number. I’m not having withdrawal, just realizing what I’ve been doing to myself.” ~ Terri

Ahhhhh a brilliant thought….”what I’ve been doing to myself!”.

LOVE THIS and maybe you do too.

Jenn’s TAKE ACTION IDEA: take a look at what you do to yourself on a regular basis in the name of “being good, doing the right thing, sacrificing….” and stop doing it.

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Here are 6 ideas to get the juices flowing:

The Scale

Do you have one? if so, is it in a place where you see it every time you enter a room? Move it/hide it/donate it. There is no need to keep reminding yourself of anything other than the fact that you are perfect just the way God made you. seriously.


Are they the first thing you see when you open the cabinet? if so, get them out of sight and out of mind. it’s related you know. The mere sight of sweets will cause a chemical brain reaction that will cause you to crave them. I can’t tell you how many homes I go into that have sugar here and there and everywhere from counter tops to in little dishes in the living room. No way Jose!


This is very similar to the cookies. is your favorite wine glass in view? if so, move it. the sight of that empty glass and all that it represents about YOU time, peace of mind and your day finally ending doesn’t need to stare you in the face. I say be at choice every night as to whether or not you want a glass of wine? You may actually find you’ll pass on it if you’re not constantly being reminded it’s there!

The Frig

Open it and notice what the first thing is that you or your kids see? Is it the chocolate milk or apple juice or cheese? Or is it some fresh fruit? Believe it or not studies show that the first thing you see is usually what you will want. I remember going over to a friend’s house and the first thing I saw when I opened the frig was some hershey’s chocolate in the side panel squished in with the juice, sugar and more sugar.

Healthy “diet” Foods

Dump all those sugar free, low carb, no carb, low fat food products immediately. There is no reason to go on a diet, ever, not to mention have all those low carb, sugar free (poisonous!) foods are worse than the real stuff, loaded with chemicals. They sit around your house reminding you that you’re supposed to be on a diet.

Diets don’t work. Lifestyle changes work!

Stop guilting yourself into doing something that you don’t want to do anyway.

The Clothes In Your Closet You Hope Will Fit Again One Day

Donate them today. There is nothing worse than old, useless, motivation squashing reminders of a YOU that used to fit in stuff. Let it go. You aren’t that person anymore nor would you want to be. You are so much wiser now. So dump the pants, skirts, short and anything else that used to fit and move on. You will find that constant reminder doesn’t help you lose one EYE-OH-DAH of a pound anyway.

Truth be told, emotional guilt raises the stress levels in your body which raises your cortisol hormone which makes it reeeeally difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

I’m all about working smarter NOT harder to see results and I know you are too!


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