If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m all about keeping it real. Keeping it simple. Doing the right thing. Being your best self. Always doing your best and knowing that is good enough. Working smarter, not harder and eating foods that fuel you and support your gym efforts so you can see results quicker if you’re into that right now.

As I was shopping the aisles of Costco recently noticing what people had in their carts it hit me that people really don’t know what is good to eat anymore. They just don’t. We’ve been SO over-marketed it’s become confusing! No?!

By the way in case you’re curious, I go to Costco for only a handful of items since most “food” stuff on their shelves is garbage marketed as food. I buy organic frozen berries, Rao’s delish tomato sauce, organic turkey slices, organic dates, organic ground turkey, 100% grass-fed – no feedlot hot dogs from Idaho, coconut oil, macadamia nuts, kettle chips, Ireland cheddar cheese + butter, dye free detergent, wild caught salmon, cod + filet of sole and a handful of fruits and veggies and that’s it!

What kept coming up as I walked from aisle to aisle to aisle was DON’T BE FOOLED.

I honestly wanted to scream it to the mountain tops as I saw some people buy organic eggs but then bought farm raised salmon and GMO cookies + treats.

Then I walked down the “bar” aisle since it’s summer and even I let loose a little and let my kids take some easy snacky stuff with them to camp also known as “bars” in this country! Well that is where I simply had enough.

You know what I’m taking about!

This is the label for Nature’s Valley “healthy” granola bars.

Now to the semi educated consumer you just might think they are ok to consume once and while, after all they are oats right? And the list of ingredients isn’t all that long (which is a technique I teach my clients. Less ingredients means less chemicals. However in this case, almost every ingredient is inflammatory to the body- yikes). And Nature’s Valley uses some of the buzz words that have been heavily marketed to us over the years as ok to consume…

NO artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and 16g WHOLE grain.  And in this case they don’t say organic but don’t be fooled, SO many organic brands are loaded with junk ingredients too. Truth be told there is NOTHING healthy about these granola bars. The good news is that manufacturers are now required to let us know when some genetically modified ingredients are in the product. in this case it says it right on the bottom of the ingredients list.


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Let me break the list of ingredients down for you so you too can be a smart, savvy consumer and not be fooled!

  • Whole grain oat (OK well unless you’re eating OAT GROATS there is NOTHING whole grain about the rolled oats in this bar. They are processed!
  • Sugar (This is genetically modified so on top of sugar being addictive and causing inflammation you are now eating genetically modified sugar which is the worst!).
  • Canola oil (Don’t even get me started on this oil. First off, it’s really called rapeseed oil but they changed its name to sound a little more enticing to consumers. Seriously. Canola oil has to be one of the most inflammatory oils to consume on the planet and it’s genetically modified for a double whammy!).
  • Rice flour (OK this will raise blood sugar but I’m ok with it).
  • Honey (A better sweetener than cane sugar so I’m ok with it).
  • Salt (Sea salt is best).
  • Brown sugar syrup (Another sugar being added to the bar and does the same damage as cane sugar).
  • Baking soda (OK)
  • Soy lecithin (Ahhh, the infamous soy lecithin. it is genetically modified and has no place in our diet. EVER. For women soy causes all sorts of hormone imbalances as it has phytoestrogens, a better emulsifier is sunflower lecithin but it costs more money to use so to cut corners most everyone uses this soy stuff.)
  • Natural flavor (this has to be the BIGGEST scam of the century. In these 2 little words, one of which uses the word natural which would make you think it is ok to consume, you have over ONE HUNDRED CHEMICALS. That’s right. Read up on it. I did that the other day and I was floored. Floored.

So on this gorgeous day let me be your reminder to:

Read your labels.

Educate yourself.

Stay informed.

Want shortcuts? 

I’ve got a Sugar Freedom Strategy Session that’s all yours if you want it.

Simply fill out an application to make sure we’re a good fit! 

And for sure don’t be fooled into buying something just because it’s organic, gluten free, healthy, all natural, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors.

Truth is NO ONE can debate…..Real food doesn’t need labels.


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