It’s nighttime. You know the drill. You’ve eaten well all day OR you’ve had one of those less than optimal eating days and you skipped lunch because the schedule was so dam jam packed.

You’re hoping the urge to snack after dinner isn’t there but well…it comes back.

I have been there more times then I care to share. I’ve tried every trick in the book, every low carb option, every denial technique, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

This came up last month in my Woman Unleashed VIP group program and I felt the urge to share.

When we reach for the bag of chips, pint of ice cream, 5th piece of chocolate, daily glass of wine it’s the SAME internal conversation going on….

It goes something like this:

  • “This situation feels unsafe.”
  • “I am overwhelmed and it’s too much for me to handle.”
  • “I see no light at the end the tunnel.”
  • “F*ck it, nothing I do makes any difference anyway.”
  • “I need a quick fix cause anything else I’m going to try is going to take time and I need to be saved right now!”
  • “I’ve been good all day, I’m going to treat myself to something now!”
  • “I deserve to eat this.”
  • “Who cares. I’m done trying.”

Curious if any of those resonate with you???

Please know once you NOTICE the internal dialogue it makes it much much easier to start changing it!

Nothing or no one has permission to steal your powers. NO ONE. And for sure not a friggin’ peice of candy, chocolate, glass of wine, bag of chips or pint of ice cream.

(OK ok so perhaps a pint of ice cream could cripple you for a day or so from all the sugar…and for me it causes phlegm + anxiety big time but I digress!)

By the way, this is the exact stuff I teach in my 8 Week Woman Unleashed VIP Group Program.

Truth be told there is a 4 step process I’ve created, perhaps have taken from a 12 step program of some sort…I’ve just adapted it to help get a handle on that dam sugar and believe me, it works!


4 Steps To Get A Handle On Sugar


Step One:

The first step to real change is ACKNOWLEDGING what’s going on. Before that hand hits the chips, get real with yourself and check in. Don’t tell yourself you’ll only eat 2…which brings me to the second step.

Step Two:

The second step is to REALIZE that what you’re telling yourself about the situation is a flat out lie :). Nothing changes unless you change…so don’t keep breaking promises with yourself saying you’ll do better tomorrow.

Step Three:

The third step is getting SUPPORT + ACCOUNTABILITY. Ahhh this one just makes sense. I have found that women who come out and share in our group about that binge they had last night, get so much clarity and support about what was going on behind the scenes…. the bad day at the office, the unsupportive hubby, the stuffing down feelings for years….

Step Four:

The fourth step is my favorite step and it requires you to ASK YOURSELF A QUESTION: What would a successful, physically fit, joy-filled, emotionally balanced woman do right now?

It’s amazing what happens when you ask yourself that question…a question stops the brain on the hamster wheel from running in circles. It’s the same reason when a kid is having a tantrum one of the recommended solutions is to ask them a question to redirect.

In this case we’re redirecting your mind to stop going down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts…when you ask yourself an empowering question and you STEP INTO who you’d like to be, not where you currently are, you come up with a much different answer!! Yes?

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Try it and let me know. I love hearing back from you!!

The day I started asking myself questions is the day my whole life started to change!!

And truth be told, next time you find yourself and your hand in those bag of chips, don’t judge. We all need to start somewhere! I’ve been doing this work over 14 years professionally and have been on this healing journey for over 25 years so I’ve been at it quite a while and have picked up these tools along the way :).


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