Have you ever wanted to have more revelations in your life?

I know I have!

Let me be a little clearer…when I say revelations…what I mean is clarity about the NEXT big step you need to take to better your biz, take your health to the next level or even maybe an issue you’ve been having with your kids and WHAM-O the answer just comes to you!

That is what I mean when I say “have you ever wanted to have MORE revelations”. I know we all have moments in time when an answer just comes to us but what if it came on a REGULAR basis…

That is what I’m TALKING about!

If you haven’t heard I’ve recently joined Pure Barre, a studio where you use a dancer’s bar to tone, lift and burn your muscles so that they literally change shape before your eyes.

I am astounded at the results after just 8 weeks of going consistently!

With that said, I’ve had quite a few revelations over the past few weeks that a lot
of JE Community Members have enjoyed reading out and I thought you
might find them inspirational too!

I have one small request. If after reading some of my revelations you experience a revelation as well please share it with us in the comment below!

With gratitude,



53 Pure Barre Revelation:

When we speak others are listening so what are we speaking about.

True story yesterday-
Caitlin: “mom they give us candy at gymnastics when we do something really good.

Me: “really?! Now why would they so that Cate. Candy isn’t a reward is it? You can ask my anytime and we can talk about the kind of candy you’d like if you ever want some. Ok? It’s not something you should get for doing something great. That sounds silly doesn’t it?

Caitlin: “mom! Don’t worry. I was going to look at the INGREDIENTS list and see which candy had the least junk and choose that one. And i was going to check which one has the least sugar. But that would have been harder to tell!!”



Kids are always listening….to everything.



6am Pure Barre Revelation:

When the mind is CLEAR, your next big step will reveal itself. Whatever that means to you- biz, life, relationships, health.

It’s kinda the same thing with wanting to get in great shape. Get clear on WHY you want it other than superficial reasons cause those never last long….

Then before you know it you’re kickin’ cravings, working out and seeing results and people are telling you how FLY you look.

Can’t get to step 1 on your own? I get it. Been there.

Say a prayer and ask for clarity

Go seek out support from someone whose been there

Spend more time having FUN everyday to free up the mind

Then come back and tell me if your head got clearer smile emoticon

Happy Day of Clarity!




530am Pure Barre Revelation:

Get up and do “IT” anyway- take the thinking out of it. Your mood will follow. It’s not the other way around.

Yesterday: Luke turned 7. So naturally I needed to taste the cake I made from scratch! 1 plus pieces of cake later I woke up this morning, let’s just say, not my overly excited self wink emoticon

Given what I do for a living and how little sugar I eat (and gluten for that matter) I knew why i felt the way I did and frankly why most of the country drinks coffee to function.

But I digress. I seem to do that a lot lately.

Moral of the story: just do it. Whatever it is that you know will better your life and your biz.




7am pure barre revelation:

Overwhelm comes from wishing you were somewhere other than where you are now!

Yeah. That’s my block today as I return home from class.

Caught myself wanting to go into overwhelm thinking it’s snowing (again) and now we need to shove out the driveway, clean off 3 cars etc.

Then it HIT me. What a glorious peaceful view (minus the power lines :))

Just enjoy it and flip flops will be out before you know it.

Happy day of excepting what is!




530am pure barre revelation:

This one is for the 40 something women in my life who needed to hear this today

40 IS the new sexy.

I declare it.

Society has it rigged for women to believe as they age they need ” stuff ” outside themselves to keep up.

And if you’re 40 something + have kids you are even sexier. Nothing more beautiful than a woman’s body that has birth children.

Sexy comes from WITHIN people.


Happy Bring On the Sexy Friday!

( and yes I wish it was friggin’ warm already. I need to take some clothes off already smile emoticon )




530 Pure Barre Revelation:

Yeah there are a few today smile emoticon

— Everything good (for the mind) happens BEFORE 6 am

–Changes happen SLOW in the body so stop looking every day for evidence bc that will just discourage you

–Which brings me to revelation 3: go have SO much friggin’ fun that you forget to keep track (till one day a stranger compliments you on your *ss–oh but wait I digress :))





530 Pure barre revelation:

You might not see the change today, in this exact moment, but that is no reason to quit.

Deep trust.


Friends to keep you going.

Clarity on what you want.

Consistent Action.

That is what gets you what you.

I can honestly say I’m starting to love my “ledge”.

Yeah Pure Barre got it right. They’ve renamed all those negative ways to talk about a woman’s body and made it sexy.

Happy Feel Sexy Friday!




530 Pure Barre Lesson:

Find comfort in the discomfort.

If that’s not a reminder where true growth ( and tight buns) comes from.

smile emoticon

Happy Friday!

Pure barre reminder this am:

Never assume. It goes waaay beyond the whole making a fool out of you and me.

On of the instructors is drop dead gorgeous. Ok so all of them are smile emoticon

Wonder why I get up so early all the time?

Today I put on my coach hat and decided to ask her some questions about her life specifically what she does for fitness other than just take classes because she is so toned and muscular.

Here I am assuming this is all she does.

Uh. no.

She runs 4-5 days PER week to stay in shape in her mid40’s with twins at home.

Reminder: always ask. Never look at yourself. Compare. Then shoot yourself down.

Knowledge is key.

Sometimes asking is the hardest part
Other than deciding to add some running to my regimen at 530 in the morning.

Happy no more assuming Monday




5:30am Pure Barre Revelation:

I talk with tons of women who say that there is no point getting their house cleaned by a service because 2 minutes later the kids mess it up.

For a while I was in agreement and then it hit me. The house cleaning that gets done is very similar to working out and toning your body.

On the surface the moment you eat one “bad” meal, you’ve messed it all up again but the reality is the more you stay consistent with exercising your body ( and keeping your house cleaned) the harder it becomes to simply “mess it up” with an off meal or if we’re talking about house cleaning, then it’s the crumbs from the kids and toys on the floor. That stuff could never undo all the dusting and deep cleaning that goes on when my girls come clean my house. They clean the baseboards and under the beds.

If you look BELOW the surface your body is really starting to hummmm and no 1 meal can mess it up- as noted by ben & jerry’s last night.

When it comes to the house there is no dust in corners and on furniture and in places where crap collects when you don’t clean it regularly.

In fact a realtor came by to check out my house and mentioned that she felt like she could eat off my floors.

If that’s not some good positive feedback I don’t know what is.

So clean your house, exercise your body and know that a few mess ups can NEVER derail you!!

Happy GO Get Yourself Some Good Feedback Friday!




Notice today while at Pure Barre….

I’ve stop secretly yelling at myself (you know when you say not nice things even tho you’re doing the best you can!)

And that has caused me to NOT want to put myself in any exercise class where they are “yelling” at me to “keep pushing it”, “don’t stop”, “just 5 more reps”, etc.

No more yelling.

I’m gonna get my bod in better shape through peaceful means smile emoticon

Maybe I should buy stock in Pure Barre now that I talk about them so much.

Happy No More Yelling Wednesday!

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