I can’t tell you how many people I speak to who feel a loss of joy when summer ends. I think the media doesn’t help with all it’s “Back to School” stuff it bombards you with.  And if you don’t have kids and feel the pull of that leisurely schedule coming to an end, then maybe your office has summer hours that are now going away! Below I share tips on finding your joy when summer ends.

Whatever it is for you that could be silently stealing your joy, I recommend you take a few minutes out of your busy day and just take a look at it. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a look to help with finding your joy. Other times it’s a wake up that changes need to be made.

Today I want to address finding your joy.

When Summer or a vacation comes to an end and you feel the joy leaving I want you to start seeing it as a signal that something in your life needs a tweak.

Isn’t that so much easier than going back to the daily “grind” and just stuffing those feelings down. I coach my clients around this all the time.

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The simplest way to do this is to use my simple 5 step system:

  1. The minute feelings come up that are anything less than joy I check in.
  2. I stop and ask myself “Hey Jenn, what’s going on? Is something out of a balance in your world that you’re feeling sad about like finishing up this vacation/trip, etc.”
  3. I then make a mental list of what I’m dreading about going home.
  4. I then take one small action step to alleviate what I’m feeling.
  5. You will know that you’ve hit on something important if you feel RELIEF and for sure a return of JOY thinking about taking that next step.

Example: cooking and cleaning up breakfast before the kids leave for school is a lot for me given all that’s on my plate every day. I found myself dreading the morning routine I know will start in September so I went ahead and secured a gal to drive Sydney to school and help clean up the morning mess that happens when 3 kids and 2 adults try and get out of the house all before 9am hits.

Voila! I felt an immediate release of negative emotions and a welcoming of Fall and all that it brings.

Wishing the same for you!


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