So many benefits of drinking the juice from a lemon. I was excited to share all the benefits with News 12 Long Island earlier this month!

Here’s Mary Mucci (from 12 New Long island) and I sipping some freshly squeezed water together in my kitchen!

6 health benefits of lemon water:



Stimulates white blood cells count to increase – HELLO IMMUNITY

Great for digestion – HELLO nutrient absorption

Stimulates bile production – HELLO BETTER DIGESTION + less bloat

Helps the body to detox – HELLO liver enzymes

Contains fiber – HELLO WEIGHT LOSS


Tips on drinking lemon water


Best way to drink it: With a straw

If you drink a lot and are concerned about the enamel on your teeth wearing out (truth be told while lemon is alkaline IN the body it’s for sure acidic OUTSIDE the body) brush your teeth after drinking it.

What to buy: Organic is best always

More nutrition and less chemicals if you plan to put it in your water.

How To Drink It: 30 minutes before breakfast to allow digestive juices to get flowing.

Squeeze the lemon into an ice cube tray and take one cube/day in a glass of room temperature filtered water. Which by the way is the best way to drink it…in room temp water…the cold stuff is a shock to the system and who wants to shock the system first thing in the morning.

Now go enjoy your lemon water!


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So many benefits of drinking the juice from a lemon! Come learn all about the health benefits of this amazing fruit and how best to drink it.

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