If you live on the east coast and the weather is starting to get nicer yet you don’t quite feel like yourself, then LISTEN UP!
Maybe you live in the midwest where the snow has been falling even though the rest of the country is starting to shed that extra clothing. Or maybe you live outside the country (I know my articles are starting to reach everyone everywhere which makes me very very happy….but I digress!).

JUST because the newspapers and magazines say that during certain times of year we should feel a certain way, we can always use Christmas time as a perfect reminder…”it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Not exactly if you don’t like crowded malls and live alone and don’t have anyone to celebrate with!

My whole point of writing today is to be that REMINDER that not feeling your best happens to everyone, at every age and that you are not alone.


You hear me? You are not alone.

With that said, when you’re feeling that way it can be so hard to think about anything other than not feeling your best. So, I thought today would be the perfect day to give you my tried and true steps I take (and HINT they’re also in my upcoming book in lengthy detail) so that you too can feel BLUE, but know how to get back to HAPPY.

Ready for ’em:


1. Honoring your feelings no matter what the time of year is always the BEST WAY to get back to happy.

It’s just that no one ever talks about it that way. Honor what? Who has time for that? And what exactly does it mean to honor feelings? The single BEST WAY to stay in that state of feeling blue is to continue to push away the feelings versus sit in them and dig around and see what comes up. It’s not always pretty at first but I promise you the end result is all that you really want anyway…that feeling of JOY and getting to HAPPY.

2. Do a detox.

Sometimes feeling blue is a sign that the body and mind are overloaded with toxins. Yup. I’ve got a gentle and easy step by step 10  day detox I recommend to all my clients. You can check it out here. Detoxing the body is the single best way to get out of poor eating habits and jump start my metabolism to start burning fat again. It helps you focus on staying hydrated, eating clean and getting rest. All which help put you in a better mood fast!

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3. Clear the clutter.

I talk about this at length in my new book: Woman Unleashed coming out shortly, so stay tuned. Clutter is a sure fire way to give you the blues. It clogs not only your closets and drawers, but also your mind.

4. Get moving.

Stagnation in the mind can be fixed with some exercise. I don’t mean to go out and run 5 miles or get on a stairmaster for 45 minutes (remember those things!). I’m talking about getting outside and getting fresh air into your lungs and allowing blood to circulate throughout your body. That alone will get those happy hormones flowing you back to happy.

So there you have it!

Do some honoring, check out one of my cool detoxes I do every Spring, throw something out and get moving and you will be back to HAPPY before my next article hits your inbox.



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