This week I got to thinking about what I could do to take better care of myself.

So often we think about what foods we can eat (or not eat) to help us trim down, make us feel healthier and for sure make us feel more energized.

I know I used to think that way for as long as I could remember!

I’d make it ALL about the food.

But the truth is having more energy and getting rid of cravings or at least getting them to feel tolerable has so much to do with NON FOOD ways of being and thinking as much as it does about the types of food we’re eating.

I wanted to share something that happend a little while back that just kinda stuck with me as a way to take care of yourself that isn’t typically talked about…

SPEAKING UP for yourself!

I’d love for you to take a moment now and think to yourself what that would mean in your life?

Would that relieve some stress if you spoke up more?

Add more stress because of who you would speak up to and how they might react?

What if you started small… and ask for what you want when you’re out at a restaurant and not just put up with what’s given to you.

Don’t like the bread staring at you when you sit down? Ask for it to be removed.

Order exactly what you want and don’t compromise. I find when you do that and start small it snowballs into speaking up in more important areas.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and share with your server that you have some food sensitivities. I used to just suck it up, keep my mouth shut and try to not to be a “bother” to anyone I’m eating out with even though I knew I’d suffer the next day if I got it wrong.

Why as women do we do that? We try not to be a bother as if speaking up for ourselves is a bad thing to do. Now when I speak up I know my daughters are watching… and learning.

Well, the waitress not only came back and told me what I could eat safely but she spoke to the chef personally and put a star next to all the foods I could eat so I didn’t have to memorize anything.

So sweet right?

Now go give it a try and see how it goes and let me know. I love hearing from you!

And perhaps this one act of speaking up will be just what you needed as you start off the week with a focus of taking care of you first.



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