kickingwomanDo you ever struggle with how to get it all done?

And how to get it all done while still feeling sexy, confident and cravings free?

Is that not the question of the century?

First I’ve got an important distinction that needs to be made…feeling accomplished is soooo DIFFERENT from getting it all done.

From personal experience I now know that I may not get it all done but I can
still feel accomplished on any particular day.

When you start to make that distinction in your own life
there is a sense of freedom and guiltless pleasure that comes over you
as you sit on the couch
with your feet up
with the dishes still in the sink
and the invoices in your office that still need to be mailed
and the client call you still need to make from yesterday
and possibly the kids homework you still need to look over…

This GUILTLESS way of taking care of yourself is really one of the
keys to kicking the cravings at night because so many times
those cravings are emotional.

KNOWING that I’m not a miracle worker, superwoman, “get it done machine” (and right now putting my feet up is the quick recharge
I need to tackle what’s still urgent for the day) helps me to
relax in NON FOOD ways so that come 9pm I’m not
in the cabinet or fridge looking for something to “calm me down!”.

Sugar will do that you know. It will calm you down as it’s a YIN substance
and it’s the balance you’re looking for when you had a very YANG day!!!

Truth: You can get it all done.

Other Truth: Just not ALL in the same day.

So without further ado…here are my top 5 secrets that I use time and time again to keep my sanity, spare my waisteline (of crap I would be tempted to eat at night if I was out of balance) and help me stay inspired to do it all
again tomorrow with a smile on my face
and a pep in my step!


Secret #1: Stop setting unrealistic, unattainable daily goals.

Really secret #1 speaks for itself. We all do it…create a mile high TO DO list and


then race around town not feeling satisfied until every single thing on the
list is checked off.

I’ve been there more times then I care to share. I’m just done with that behavior
as I know how drained I feel come 8pm and how the junk drawer will keep

CALLING me till I eat that chocolate, handful of nuts, a few chips and
if I really went off the deep end…whole row of cookies!


Secret #2: Have an END goal in mind so that you cantake pit stops along the way and not stress out that you won’t ever get there. It may take some thinking but take the time to choose a goal.

Now you might be thinking that I’m talking about an actual road trip but in fact I’m talking
about life goals.

Example: I love to play tennis these days and sometimes a kid gets sick and I can’t
go OR I have a bad day playing and I want to get down on myself.

Know the feeling?

The truth is I set a goal of being on a 4.0 singles team in the next 12 months and I
know that I’m getting there little by little even if I have a bad day. If I didn’t
set a goal I would get seriously frustrated every time I had a bad
match because I would think “THIS IS IT. This is all I’ve got”. But because
I know I’m going somewhere MUCH bigger than where I am now I’m
OK with it.

Make sense?


Secret #3: Take a look at the guilt and figure out where it’s coming from- is it EVEN yours? Stop the mental tug-war.

This is a big one for women. And if you’re a mom it’s even more difficult. Parenting guilt.

Did you know that a lot of times we inherit our guilt from how we were raised.
If your mom carried a lot of guilt there is a good chance that you will
too just from watching your mom growing up!

I know that’s a big nut to swallow but it’s totally true. In my over 10yrs of coaching
I have helped women separate what is really THEM and what is stuff they
inherited from how they were raised so that they can live a more
Peaceful, creative, self expressed life free of sugar cravings
cause it’s all related!!


Secret #4: Get plenty of fresh air, step away from the ipad, ipod and “i” everything OFTEN.

Oh man, we live in the world of QUICKER,


Iphone 4 comes out and before you know it everyone is running for the iphone 5
with faster service, better cameras and God knows what else…I am so bad
with keeping up with technology…

(My kids play with my old atari games 🙂  in my opinion the graphics really help you
use your imagination so much more!! )

Did you ever notice that on the days when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer
or on your phone that you feel less energized, or creative? Take a notice sometime.


Secret #5: Delegate. delegate. delegate and make “GOOD ENOUGH” your new best friend so that you feel more in balance.  You’ll be grabbing for an apple not a muffin in no time!


Ahhhhh another toughy for my over achiever type A clients, friends and colleagues.

How do you think I know this you might be asking? Well, cause I know how hard it used to be to delegate…that was UNTIL I hit the wall with birthing my 3rd kid in 5 years and
something HAD to change.

So I hired a housekeeper and a girl to come 2x/week to fold laundry, clean up my dishes and do whatever I needed in the evening hours to help get my kids ready for bed.

Is the house not exactly the way I’d like it to look everyday? YEP.

Do new clients hear from me within 24 hours rather than within 2 hours? YEP.

Do I go to bed sometimes and the kitchen doesn’t look quite as spic and span
as I’d like it to be? YEP.

Do I send out newsletters and other materials with a typo here and there
because getting my message out is MORE important than looking perfect? YEP.

But guess what!?

I am a sane, inspired, energetic mother with 3 healthy children,
a profitable business that inspires other women to kick cravings
and take charge of their lives. I have a loving doting husband,
a beautiful home and a blossoming tennis and golf game
(ok so maybe I’m stretching it a bit now).

But that, my friends, is GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

Till next time…..

Inspiring you,


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