Gosh, doesn’t that title just make you want to cringe? I know it did for me when I wrote it :).  Saying NO is so not fun and for sure calling something bad doesn’t feel very up lifting. And that my friends is the whole point of my writing to you today. We’ve gotta become more conscious of what we’re saying to ourselves.

For those who know me well, I rarely if ever use the word NO and for sure I never use the word BAD with myself or my kids for that matter. Truth be told there is a little girl (or boy) inside all of us that pulls a temper tantrum BIG TIME when we hear the word NO.

Know what I mean?

You vow to yourself that you will be better this week. That you will start that new exercise routine. That you will not eat junk food at night. You will give up (there’s another word that your little girl/boy will rebel against) something. You will stop yelling at the kids. You will…and the list in our heads goes on and on and on.

From personal experience and from coaching so many women over the past decade I’ve noticed there are a 2 ways of thinking that cause uncontrollable cravings for less then healthy foods and that’s what I’d like to share with you today.

How To Say NO To The Bad Foods… here it goes…


Stop using the word NO


Yup. But I can hear you now…”Jenn, if I don’t say no I will totally be out of control!”. You know what, I bet you will, but for how long? A day? A week? A month? Eventually you will be tired of eating whatever you want, doing whatever you want and feeling like crap and I can promise you, you will hit rock bottom.

I tell people who are on the fence with having an Unleash Yourself Session with me, go ahead and allow yourself to hit rockbottom. You know why? Because from the bottom you can only go UP. All this middle of the road sh*t is what is killing women’s creativity, passion and ability to have that lean body and flat stomach they crave.

So do it. Say YES! and see how it feels to take all the pressure off of yourself to be so strict and let me know. I’ve got a hunch you’ll be surprised about what isn’t calling you from the cabinet as much as you thought it would :).

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Food isn’t bad or good, it’s just food

Now for sure some food can totally harm you (like food that is highly processed, high sugar, genetically modified with food dyes and rancid oils! yeah it’s my job to teach clients how to navigate the food aisles these days) but in our house we don’t call anything bad – ever! Hell to the no.

You know why? Here’s comes that little strong willed, passionate, mischievous girl/boy again. Mine is about 8 yrs old and when she hears “bad” she just brings IT ON.

Don’t touch the stove it’s bad? Hmmmm, wonder what would happen if I did? 🙂
It’s bad to eat too many cookies? Hmmmmm, wonder what would happen if I did?

You get the picture. So go ahead and rethink the words you use with yourself and see if you notice any changes to your stress levels, stomach bloat (cause it’s related to what you think, not just what you eat) and cravings when you take the “NO’s” and “BAD’s” out of your life and see if you can turn them into “YES’s” and “GOOD FOR YOU’s”.

Here’s a few of mine (virtual high five if you already do this too!).

  • I have a cleaning crew to do the heavy cleaning and a young girl to come 3x/week to fold laundry, clean up my dishes, drive kids to school and vacuum crumbs. I say YES to more help. I didn’t become a mom to be housekeeper.
  • I take care of me FIRST and take hot yoga 4x/week. Husband makes breakfast and kids get dressed and then I show up to do the rest. Me first, family always. I always tell my clients to put on the oxygen mask first before trying to put it on for everyone else.
  • I reserve weekends to eat delicious pizza (GF/DF so I’m not totally screwing up my gut but it’s still pizza!). YES I get to be a part of the family on pizza nights.
  • If my kids ask me for some junk food during the week I usually say yes so long as they’re healthy. No need to create issues in kids that don’t need to be there. YES, everything in moderation can’t ever hurt you so long as you counter balance with plenty of healthy food!

And don’t just take my word on any of this. I always tell my clients that. Try it out yourself and see how it works out for you.

The proof is in the pudding for me. I couldn’t be more grateful that I am a (mostly) sane, inspired, energetic, passionate, fit mom with 3 healthy children and a growing marriage with a man that loves me. Sometimes having a biz that inspires women feels like the BONUS in my life!

Wishing you a life chock full of YES’s and BONUSES too!

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