I’m not going to lie. It’s a little bit scary hearing all these stories about people getting very very sick and some even dying from the flu. A lot of people I know are really concerned about it and with every right!

I mean after all we call it “flu season”. We’ve given it a name, heck a whole season.

The thing is, and for those who have been following me awhile know, I don’t get scared easily and for sure I like to investigate where things come from so I can make up my own mind about the severity of something. And then from there I get into action.

The truth of the matter is I don’t buy into the whole “flu season” thing and for sure I don’t get a flu vaccine every year. Those things only inject garbage directly into our bloodstream which basically lowers our immune system’s ability fight whatever viruses are flying around right now…in this case, the flu! And if you read up on the vaccines you will quickly learn that not all flu strands are in the vaccine. Only the ones the experts think will be bad that year.

Wait! What?! Yes, that’s right.

What I find most people don’t think about is the fact that starting at around Halloween, or 2 weeks before Halloween if you’re the type to buy candy and leave it out to be “festive”, people start to consume SUGAR on a regular basis. It’s in their coffee usually but then you slip in the morning treat in the office, pasteries, bars or candy since it’s Halloween.

Next up is the month of November so you can count on some more delicious SUGAR in the form of pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cookies and gingerbread houses. All that good stuff that goes along with the holiday of thanks. After that comes Hanukkah and Christmas which as you know if you celebrate is loaded with candy canes, decorated cookies, pies, breads and pretty much anything sweet. After all it IS the holidays 🙂

How about all that running around that goes along with the holiday season. That too will tire out the body and lower your resistance to fighting off illness/viruses….namely, the flu!

And last but certainly not least we’ve got New Year’s and then Valentine’s Day! Holy moley that’s a lot of SUGAR being consumed over the course of 5 months. Couple that with your regular work load, shopping, running errands and just every day life and now you’ve got a severely compromised IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Now stay with me here… can you see how the flu season might not actually be a season but instead, perhaps it’s more one MASSIVE STATE OF MIND and OVERCONSUMPTION OF FOODS that weaken our body’s ability to fight off stuff?

Right now would be a great time to start following my simple tools, that my family and I also happen to use, so you too can wave the flu bye bye as it passes right on through….


Yup. An oldie but goodie but for sure gets overlooked as we’re partying it up and well, dehydrating ourselves without even noticing it. I find that people tend to dry out in the winter because without feeling hot they aren’t cued in to wanting to drink water. So here’s your reminder, drink anyway! Herbal tea is another good option to increase fluids if water just won’t cut it. And if that wasn’t enough, water is very balancing to the body so if you’re feeling out of whack you just might be dehydrated. And skip the poland spring would you and go choose a better version of bottled water such as Evian or Smart Water. Here’s a link to the ewg.org report on bottle water__________

STAY CALM TOOL #2: INCREASE Soups + Organic Veggies

I know everyone come January 1 whose in the health field bombards you with sugar eliminating tips etc, etc, but I’m not a fan of taking anything out. I’m all about crowding out the garbage by ADDING IN THE GOOD STUFF. 🙂 So add away! Should you not feel like cooking much this time of year find YOUR way of getting in more veggies and soups. I’m not opposed to organic cans of soup…just buy the low sodium kind. Amy’s soups does a nice job if you ask me. My family loves the veggie lentil. And you no longer have to go to Whole Foods for all your organic needs. I go to Super Stop and Shop and even order off of Amazon Fresh (an online food delivery service) and can find pretty much everything I need. Here’s a list of dirty dozen foods to avoid and  clean 15 you can eat. ________________


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OUTSMART THE FLU TOOL #3: TAKE a high quality probiotic!

If there was ever a time to take a high quality probiotic NOW would be the time. Stress, processed foods and lack of sleep throw off the gut big time. And for those who don’t know, the gut is where all those good guys live that keep your immune system cranked on high so that when the flu virus comes knocking on your door, your body can fight it off before you ever feel 1 symptom. YUP.

(Side note: you can buy a refrigerated brand of probiotic at Whole Foods if you’d like but I find they are not as effective as the ones I recommend to clients that are human strain. These actually repopulate in the gut and are quite effective. The others… well…become expensive poop! You should feel the effects in your gut if you take them once in the morning and once in the evening every day for 1 month. I hear all the time that acne had healed, the stomach started to flatten ….Clients get 10% off by knowing me! Yessssssss Click on over to check it out and register to purchase highest quality supplements at a discount including the Genestra brand ones my whole family takes.
PROBIOTIC PRODUCT CODE SE431-  Take one in the am and one in the pm


I know….Adults as well as kids need time to relax and give the body a rest every day. And when you catch a cold the body needs time to heal which can only happen when we are not running around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people get a cold and then it becomes bronchitis or a sinus infection simply because they simply didn’t give the body time to slow down and repair itself. Tamiflu and Dayquil ONLY mask the real issue and they will make you sicker longer. Living on the east coast I find we run on a different clock than most….and well, we push it past the point of OK. Don’t do that! Let the body rest and it will heal without devastating you and the whole family. But it takes time.


This is a no brainer to me but for most I find they don’t realize exactly what the sugar and dairy is doing to their body so they kinda just keep eating it. Here is your wake up call. When I start to feel run down and my nose starts to run or I feel a little achey….we all know when this starts to happen don’t we? I STOP ALL SUGAR & DAIRY immediately. Sugar actually knocks out your bodies defense system for hours on end every time you eat it. Imagine that…you’re about to go to war and beat the heck out of that cold, stomach bug or even the first signs of the flu  and you go ahead and totally shut down your body’s way of kicking some serious butt and getting rid of foreign invader. Now what? Well, you are left defenseless so the cold you got, or the stomach bug you woke up with has now morphed into a sinus infection or worse yet, the flu because your body’s defense system is weak and the door is wide open for anything to come in.


This one isn’t as obvious to people so I had to share the whole dairy thing. When you’re feeling run down and your nose is starting to run and you develop a cough, the last thing your body needs is foods that cause MORE mucus. What many don’t realize is that dairy absolutely causes a build of up mucus in the body and is highly inflammatory meaning you can have digestive issues such such as bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea, as well as other symptoms including acne. I know people are concerned about getting enough calcium but I can promise you milk does more harm than good and the calcium in the milk isn’t getting utilized. Here’s a list of calcium rich non milk foods.

  1. Almonds
  2. Kale
  3. Oranges
  4. Collard Greens
  5. Broccoli
  6. Figs
  7. Spinach
  8. Enriched rice, almond, hemp and coconut milks
  9. Sesame seeds
  10. Tofu



Yesssssssss. You can read up on the science behind all of this or you can just trust me when I say that you naturally reduce stress and your body, mind and spirit all calm down when you’re feeling the L-O-V-E. It just kinda makes sense. Connecting on a deeper level with friends & family with a simple gesture of a hug is a smart way to remember what the season is ALL about and for sure it doesn’t take a lot of time which I know is one of the biggest show stoppers for my Type A, busy, busy (good & productive), busy clients and colleagues.

May this “flu” season pass you right on by.


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