I wanted to share something personal with you today that used to bring me to tears many years ago.

Just because we hit our “goal weight” that doesn’t mean we will all of a sudden be happy with what we see in the mirror.

It’s another lie we’ve been sold with the latest diet program on the market!

I bought a new pair of hot blue Lululemon pants earlier this month … to celebrate myself and my healthy strong body. I don’t like loud colors on my legs. I tend to like to “hide” my curves and the cellulite I’ve got. A friend wanted to see my new leggings. I hesitating snapping off a pic at first. I was deciding on the “best angle”. You know that thought? 

Then I got to thinking….

Why do we have best and worst labels for body parts? I decided on that beautiful Saturday that I would snap off a back end shot and “get over myself!” Honestly what I saw in the pic surprised me. I caught myself thinking “hey those glutes aren’t as bad as I thought!”

Ever feel that way?

It reminded me to LOVE what God gives us and to stop being so freakin’ hard on myself.

Because truth be told, being hard on ourselves only causes a spike in cortisol, which leads to inflammation in the body and guess what that leads to…. CRAVINGS FOR WINE + CARBS!

Truth be told it’s simple to love yourself up.

It’s just not always easy given society’s image of self confidence and beauty with pics of women typically airbrushed and whose bodies are not attainable without total obsession over exercise or food!


I say go enjoy this beautiful day and stop letting society’s rules affect how you feel on any given day based on a number on the scale or the reflection you see in the mirror!


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