I know what you’re thinking!

How could I change 1 habit and it change my cravings. I MUST be lying or joking or making this up.

You know how I know you’re thinking that??

Because I’d be thinking the same EXACT thoughts if I literally didn’t experience this streak of cravings free days AND NOW weekends!

YES. It’s true.

You see cravings don’t just come from eating too much sugar one day and then you crave it the next day. That is ONLY part of the equation and where a lot of nutritionists and health coaches fall short of the mark.

There is this whole OTHER world where cravings come from and that’s what I’m going to talk about today!

I was talking with a girlfriend today and she started off saying something about how she wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t going to Barre class and that she “should” be going. I told her to put herself first more, thinking she was doing too many chores in place of the class.

Fast forward 5 minutes into the conversation and I find out she hasn’t been feeling well since early April and that she didn’t sleep well the night before and felt kinda ill.  I was like “OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh so you didn’t go to Barre class because you weren’t feeling well, not because you weren’t taking care of yourself!”.

TOTALLY different reason and a huge difference.

I then couldn’t hold my tongue 🙂 I had to ask her why she got on the phone complaining that she wasn’t going to Barre class today!!

And she got quiet and caught herself?!?!? She hadn’t thought of it that way.

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It got me thinking..


And how much of that complain equals cravings for junk later in the day!!!!!?????

If I had to guess I would say A LOT!


This week. Stop complaining and see if cravings change!


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