wonder woman



Remember this old episode of Wonder Woman lifting the back end of a car
to stop the bad guys from getting away???


No? No worries… you will still totally get the point I am about to make! Promise.


You know the old saying..if at first you don’t succeed….try try again, I find it to be
a bit outdated of a saying AND one that simply doesn’t work if you actually apply it.

As a coach I am a bit more sensitive to the word “try” then others but as far
as I’m concerned if I’m “trying something” it’s with the idea that if I fail I can
wash my hands of the whole situation and say “see, I tried, it didn’t work, now what!??”

As a mom of 3 small kids I am constantly teaching them that to succeed in anything at
life “trying” is not good enough. You have to COMMIT, TAKE ACTION and KEEP GOING till your goal
is reached. Period.

There is no room for trying.

Let me give you an example I use all the time with clients who say “they will try to get healthier”!

Visualize this… you’re at the gym and a 100 lb barbell is on your chest and you can’t breathe
because of the sheer weight. Are you going to “try” to get the barbell of of you or are
you just going to GET IT DONE because it’s a life or death situation?

I have heard extraordinary stories of moms who have lifted entire back ends of cars off the ground to save
their child pinned underneath. I am sure there was no thought in the back of their minds that
they were going to try to do anything! They were lifting that car and that was the
end of the story.


Same goes for Wonder Woman featured above. Girlfriend never tried to do anything.
She just Got. It Done.

Make sense?


May this be the last day of your life  “trying” and the first day of “dammit I’m just gonna get that

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