I hear this all the time!

“Jenn, I need to stop taking my bad days out on myself! I know I do it. I just can’t stop!”

And then they add “And how the heck do I get abs like you at your age with 3 kids!” 😀

Joe snapped this picture of me at a lake we found in Flagstaff last weekend!

Honestly, I’ve been in my head big time about how I look because my only exercise has been a hiking trail I love.

No weights. No gym. No hot yoga. No HIIT or spin classes.

I was reminded that you can’t OUT EXERCISE a bad diet and you don’t have to over exercise to look GREAT when your diet works for your body and you stop taking it out on yourself every time you get upset!!

Truth be told it’s simple to not take it out on yourself and yet it’s not always easy to follow through it when you’re tired, stressed or feeling triggered by your day!!

I get it.

It’s one of the main reasons I created the Sugar Freedom Method.

What you eat is just one piece of the puzzle…yet so many diets that promise weight loss and fabulous abs only focus on “eat this, don’t eat that” and “workout more often!”.

What was missing all those years for me was how to have “bad” days but not take them out on myself with wine, chocolate, ice cream and a whole bag of chips!

That’s the beauty of the Sugar Freedom Method and why it WORKS long term. The Method actually works because it teaches…

  • what kind of diet works for YOU
  • what exercise works best for YOUR body at your age
  • what emotions do you need to learn to tame
  • how can you make your life even juicier than the taste of wine + cookies…
I say go enjoy this beautiful day and stop letting others affect your health and your waistline!



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