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I felt this overwhelming urge to talk about stress with you today. I’m sure it’s because I have recently moved out of my house into a 42 ft RV with my family for the year. It’s been quite an exciting and busy time these past few weeks but in all honesty I can’t say I feel stressed!

Stress to me is such an overused and totally misunderstood word!

If you go to the doctor and have high blood pressure you’re told to lower your stress! As if it’s that simple.

When you talk with friends and they hear about your busy life they will often say “you must be so stressed“. As if saying that is a way to sympathize with what you’re going through.

All over the internet you’ll here things like “stress kills” and “stress is the underlying cause of all disease“.

It’s no wonder we’re so confused about what stress really is and what to actually do about it! Just writing this to you had me thinking about the millions of ways the word stress is thrown around like you’re offering someone a cocktail at a party!

Here’s the thing about my work and how I teach women to kick and manage their wine and sugar habits… I don’t care so much about what it means to be stressed. What I care about is HOW to stop eating and drinking stuff that you know doesn’t make you feel good but that you keep eating and drinking anyway.

(No judgment… just know you’re not alone!).

Did you know that there are strategies and tools to stop you from automatically reaching for that glass of wine or handful of chips (without having to be on a diet!). Please no more diets!

It’s honestly what I teach in the Sugar Freedom Method Program in detail but I’m happy to share with you some of the wisdom today!

This strategy is one of my all time favorites…


I find many times stress comes from not being able to admit we just don’t have the energy or patience or desire to do something. So we say yes because secretly we’re always worrying what others think of us if we’re not available or if we don’t do as everyone else is doing. And for sure stress comes from over-promising when we simply do not have the time in our schedule to do any more!

Perhaps you can relate?

Imagine how much less stress you would feel if you didn’t have to rush from appointment to appointment or commitment to commitment that frankly, you jammed into your schedule because you were afraid to say no? Or if you said no to that event you really didn’t want to go to and just took the night off!

I’m here to give you full permission to just say NO more often and to start taking stuff off your plate so you can make more time for you!

So what do you think you will say no to this week knowing that this will help you stop reaching for the wine and chips as a way to reward yourself for “putting up with stuff you didn’t want to be doing?” 😀

And should your cravings, energy or health not be exactly where you’d like it to be and you know deep in your heart that it’s more than just exercise that will get you there now is the time to do something about it for real…



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