My trainer the other day blurted out something I thought you would find of interest. He said, “Jenn, you always want to overdo it don’t you?”. We’re doing an upper body workout and I hint to him, ok, ok, so I INSIST that we throw in some lower body exercises too. But as any great trainer will do, they don’t let the client lead. They lead. After all isn’t that what we’re paying them for!

If I had to be totally honest (is there any other way!) my initial response in my head was to think “just because I ALWAYS ask to throw in some leg exercises while I’m taking a breather from upper body exercises doesn’t necessarily mean I’m overdoing it. After all we only have 45 minutes and I’m looking to maximize my time and efforts. And don’t you know that my legs have always been the hardest area to shape up !!”

I then paused and it hit me… how you do anything is how you do everything. It’s so true.

Let that sink in for a minute. How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING.

This of course got me thinking…Is over doing it necessarily a bad thing?

Well, the truth is IT DEPENDS.

Sometimes it’s good to concentrate on only 1 thing at a time to grow it!! Like my upper body muscles. We did TONS of upper body in one day, way more than I’d do on my own. I’m always mixing it up. Eric, my trainer, said you’ve got to give it time and focus.

HUH. Time + Focus. If that’s not a winning combination.

Multitasking has its place I’m sure you’d agree. If you’ve got kids you will appreciate how much I get done weekdays before they get on the bus at 8:47am. Workout done. Laundry started. Client emails answered. Breakfast made and served hot. Lunches made and put in backpacks. Kids dressed, hair brushed and quick conversations about making it a great day.

I personally don’t think I’d want it any other way.

Here’s the thing… and this is where you have to know yourself and how much you can handle. If come 3pm I’m exhausted and having uncontrollable cravings for a cup of java and something sweet I know I’ve overdone it that day. My body is crying out for a boost from caffeine and sugar.

I will usually go to bed a little earlier and see if the cravings subside in the coming days. If I don’t listen to my body and just keep going and pushing and overdoing it, those cravings will become unmanageable and will then become a night time snacking issue as well. Chips and salsa anyone??

Maybe you can relate?

When clients work with me they are super motivated in their lives so naturally they want to work on everything all at once. My job as their coach is to slow them down the way my personal trainer slows me down. We focus on exercising smart, gut health. mental health. relationships that need a tweak, career and purpose!!

So what’s the moral of the story… You know you better than anyone else ever will. Your body is always giving you clues. If you want to accomplish anything it requires time + focus (sprinkled with a whole lotta patience!).

For me, I will still always go nuts on rainy days and clean out my closets…. again and again. As for the gym I plan to do less to grow more….I’m sure I’ll throw a few pics in once and a while to show how well slowing down works.


Bonus: An awesome fall recipe: Black Bean and Quinoa Chili



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I paused and this hit me... how you do anything is how you do everything. It's so true. This got me thinking...Is over doing it necessarily bad?

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