I love this pic above…PERFECTION. Enjoy the Journey.




I talk with clients about this ALL the time illusion of perfection.


So many struggle with the carrot on the stick syndrome….if I just do this..then.

If I just wash one more dish..

If I just hit the treadmill 5 more minutes….

If I just skip breakfast one more day…


I swear the word was fabricated to sell diet books, make up, botox, gym memberships,
tutors 🙂 and anything that anyone thinks they need to buy to read that
place where happiness lives….in the PERFECT.

Well, let me tell you friends speaking from personal experience,
happiness is no where to be found on days when I’m striving to be perfect.


Every pillow could be fluffed, floors cleaned, checkbook balanced,  clients taken care of and
feeling loved, kids washed, fed and sleeping …know those days??

When I have those days happiness is NO WHERE to be found! 🙂

Trust me, I’ve looked and waited and still NOTHING.

What I’m usually left with is exhaustion, frustration and sometimes anger
that I took care of “everything” yet something still feels like it’s missing.

Like take this blog post for example.

If I waited any longer for the look and feel to be perfect I might never
have gotten to writing about important issues that we all
struggle with!

So there! I’ve gone ahead and blogged anyway, despite the imperfection of it all and you
know what………….. I found happiness in finally taking the first step in getting
what I have to say out into the world and making a difference in the lives of
women (and men) who are looking for a fresh perspective on life, food and business!!

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